Vision of the Seven Eyes

Vision of the Seven Eyes

Elvis Iverson
June 23, 2006

I see a vision of the Third Heaven. I see a vision of the Throne Room. I see a vision of the Heavenly Church. Then I see a dark cloud covering a certain area waiting for revelation to be giving to the church. I see many prophets and saints praying for these revelations to be reveled to the body of Christ around the world.

I see an angel standing and watching this dark cloud covering whatever was hidden in this dark cloud. The angel said I couldn’t tell you what is hidden in this cloud for that knowledge is only giving from the Holy Spirit to the believer only.

Then I see a vision of a servant of the Lord giving a sermon in a pulpit on Sunday morning in a church. He was giving a message on the seven eyes of the God. He says these are the seven prophetic rivers that the Lord is releasing upon the church. These seven eyes are seven prophetic areas of the prophetic ministry. The Seven eyes are being restored to the church in these days.

I then see a great prophetic anointing, a prophetic anointing of all prophetic anointings of the prophets in the past coming upon this generation of prophets. I see the prophets move in the prophetic and in power as they give forth the living prophetic word, they give signs to conform their prophecy.

I see Prophets moving in northern India with signs and begin revival to villages. I see prophets moving in the hard Middle East with signs follow their prophecy. I see prophets ministering in Northern Africa and North Korea in signs and power to change the hearts of people. I see prophets moving in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota and even in Canada with signs coming forth has they speak there prophetic words.

I then look and I see another vision of the Internet, I see the Internet filled with revelation, grace, power and revival. I see prophets coming with insight, wisdom, and authority and many, upon many gathering to hear and read what they say.

I see prophets in deep relationship and deep fellowship with the apostles. I see prophets resting in anointing and filled with love for churches they are connected too. I see the apostolic prophet arise from the heart of the apostolic anointing in the center of the apostolic church.

I see prophetic voices arise nationally, globally and city levels by the Spirit ministering with a heart of fire and a heart of revelation, and a heart of pure love.

I see many eyes filled with light arising and beginning to fill the other eyes with light. This is a revival and move of prophetic light filling the church and His prophets and the prophets of the house.

I see pure vision, pure light, pure revelation, and pure prophetic fill certain churches and many churches. The fires of the holiness of God begun to fall upon these churches and the deep humility filled the hearts of many.

Then I see the end of many spiritual famines in the church around the world. I hear a sound of sweet and holy worship come forth like never before in history. Revelation begun to flow upon the churches and prophecy, visions and dreams poured out upon the churches.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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