One Church One City of God

One Church One City of God

Elvis Iverson

July 24, 2013

I see the city of God arise in cities around the world; the city of God is the church in the earth, and center of the Kingdom of God on earth. I see waves of revelation, waves of the Spirit, waves of harvest, waves of signs and wonders, and I see the city of God arise in cities, many cities, in many cities, and all cities, and nations, many nations and many nations, all nations.

I see the Kingdom of God increase, increase, Increase, then with each increase of the Kingdom comes an increase of the church.

I see a vision of the Kingdom of God arise throughout the earth and at the center and at the high place of the Kingdom, rest the city of God, which is the church.

At the gates of the City of God, are 12 gates these are watch hours of prayer and worship throughout the earth, at this 12 gates are gathering of believers to hear the apostles and prophets.

I see a place of feasts, these are a place where the home churches gather to fellowship in the Word and Spirit and the Love of God.

I see a place of prophetic manifestation here is where we gather for prophetic river and prophetic ministry.

I see a place that is an open place, this is where the outpouring of signs and wonders happening.

I see a place where children come to play and sing, and learn of the Lord.

I see a place of soaking, revival, and glory in this a place every one is upon the floor and no one can minister.

I see the center, the Throne Room of God, and house of prayer, and worship for all nations.

I see outside of the gates of the city of God are many, many, many tents there are the gathering of believers in every city and every nation.

Copyright © 2013 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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