These Things We Don’t Understand

These Things We Don’t Understand

Elvis Iverson

The Lord is moving throughout the world, doing these that some don’t seem to understand, but the Lord is moving and will never stop moving until He fines a resting place among us, right now the Lord is trying to prepare a place for the resting glory. –(Ex. 13:21-22)

Does this line up with the Word of God, the Bible?

It may not line up with your views of the Bible; you may have mindsets that are not in the Word, that in turn you built the Word around your mindsets, making them truth. This is why we must have a love for truth, and seek for the Lord to open our eyes to the Word of God. –(Matt. 22:29)

Does this glorify the Lord?

This is a big one, if you are seeing and hearing this that don’t give glory to the Lord, then there is something wrong, you can fine in the Bible what gives glory to God and what glorifies Christ.

Does it bring edification to the church?

What ever you are seeing or hearing does it bring edification to the church, building, rising the church up? You may not understand what is going on, but if the church is being edify, that is a good sign that it is from God.

Does it bring peace, freedom and liberty?

If what you see and what you hear brings believers into bondage then it is not of God.

Do you feel the anointing or presence of the Lord?

There are many servants that I don’t even since the Lord upon their lives, if you feel the Lord is showing up, and then this must be from God.

What are the fruits and what are the changes of hearts of people, and do you see the fruits of the Spirit there?

If the fruits that are coming out of what you see are good then it is good, if lives are being change then it is good, and if the fruits of the Spirit are flowing in the lives of people, then praise the Lord.

What are the apostles and prophets saying?

If apostles and prophets are saying good things, that means it is good.

The Lord is doing new things that we don’t understand, let us not judge God, instead test all things and hold fast to what is good, through the test of time we will see the outcome, it seem that everyone has to say something, even if they don’t have no insight. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. God will never pick a person that you like to receive; instead He will get a person who the Lord will test your heart through. –(Matt. 3:1-17)

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