The Wings of An Eagle

The Wings of An Eagle

Elvis Iverson
June 2, 2006

In vision I am in the Third Heaven; flashes light, and powerful beams of light flashing around and by me, these are living beams of light. Then an angel said; these are prophetic prophecy spoken from the month of God, Throne Room Prophecy. These prophetic prophecy live to be fulfilled, and some are fulfilled in more then one way.

Now in this vision, I have another vision of a new breed of golden lampstand, there were many being birth by the Holy Spirit. These golden lampstand are hidden from many eyes. These are new breed of church that are arising and are coming forth. They are first birth and established in Heaven, before they are planted in the Earth.

Now I see certain golden lampstand set aside for a special work, these are churches within a city that have come into a holy alliance. Now I see certain Apostles gathered here, they are the leaders of this holy alliance. They know each other in Heaven first before they even know each other on Earth. I now see angels around them with swords of fire protecting these churches and these leaders.

Now I see some prophets, these are the new prophetic seed that will grow forth from an apostolic commission and apostolic anointing. These are prophets that will arise in this city and among these apostles. Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kiss. This is the divine connection between these apostles and these prophets, and even those apostles and prophets that shall join them. In addition, this is also the spirit of the church of the city that the Lord is building, and these are the same spirit of all the apostles and all the prophets in this city. –(Psa. 85:10)

Now in the Third Heaven I look to see a place of release, grace and blessing. I see a great eagle there! She says I am grace. I could hear a shout of grace, grace from the sound of trumpets.

I looked at the great eagle she has many eyes to see vision from far away. I then see her wings, she had more then two wings, and she had many wings. The great eagle said it is the supernatural, it is the power, it is prophetic fulfillment, it is provision, it is destiny, and it is the means and the ways. The church needs great grace and great power, and I am grace and I will carry them in great grace and great power, for I am great grace and through me there is great power.

Now I see a city resting upon this great eagle. This is the city church, this is the body of Christ, and this the house of the Lord. Now upon the wings of an eagle we went in the sky around the world. The great eagle said I am looking for the nests that those who have prepare for me, from city, to city I look for these nests prepared for me. Where I see them I will rest there, and saints could find me then.

The great eagle says, where there are nests prepared for me, made ready by faith, prayer and revelation I will rest and I will lay my eggs; these are the eggs that birth more supernatural eagles into the church around the world. Now only does these eggs bring forth more supernatural eagles, also they release the supernatural.

Now this great eagle comes to a city where there was more then one nest prepare for the great eagle and her eggs for more eagles and for the release of the supernatural. The great eagle says, this is what I am been looking for, a place where I can release many eggs at once.

Now I must carry the church to her destiny, for I am grace. This is my work and this is my task. I could see this great eagle as she moves upon the winds of heaven.

Now in this city, I could see many angels coming to set up shop here in this city. One of the angels said, these is going to be great happens here in the supernatural. I could see more then one kinds of angel setting up their post of ministry.

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Supplication International Ministries

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