Tabernacle of the Third Heaven Part Four

Tabernacle of the Third Heaven Part Four

Elvis Iverson
June 9, 2006

I since the presence of God, then a vision come, and I am within the Throne Room. I could see a mist of glory like rain all over the Throne Room. I then hear and see lightnings, thundering, and voices proceeded from the Throne.

By faith we receive the presence of the Father, and by faith we see Jesus at the Right Hand of the Father making intercession for us. We can come boldly to the Throne Room by the Blood of Christ and through the access of the Holy Spirit. In addition, The Throne Room is in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. I see the Father covered in glory and light, His face is covered by glory and light. His Throne is called Mercy. I see this word written on His Throne, the words written is mercy. Now at the Right Hand of the Father I see Jesus Christ our Lord, I could see His eyes and I see vision in His eyes. On His Throne is written the words grace, His Throne is the Throne of Grace. Now I see Throne of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, and see upon this Throne fire, glory, light, and smoke. Upon this Throne is written Love, which is the Throne of Love. Moreover, before the Throne of the Father and the Son are Seven Lamps of Fire, this is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit in the church around the world.

Now I look upon the glory and light that covers the Face of God the Father. As I look upon Him, I begin to have visions and revelations. Now The Father says, the church is Elijah, the spirit and power of Elijah rests upon the church and every believer, the beginning of the outpouring of prophecy, visions and dreams have begun. Where this happens my children will gather and grow supernatural in grace. Where this happens, this will open an outpouring of signs and wonders, and a life of signs and wonders.

Now Jesus says, this is the day of new vision; I am giving my church new vision. A vision of the body of Christ, a vision of the Kingdom of God, a vision of the world. I will give vision, and vision to my people, they will walk in vision, and they will fulfill vision by my grace and power. Vision is a key to mighty acts and deeds.

Now I see a mist of glory raining like water. Now the Holy Spirit says; this is the beginning time of revival, not only will there be revival there will be revivals. There will be visitation revivals, and there will be habitational revivals, my will is for my glory to rest upon the church.

The Holy Spirit says; certain cities that I have certain, and I have sent my prophets ahead of me to prepare the way for my resting glory. These are places where the city church has begun to arise. It is not just unity; it is apostolic vision among my people within a city.

Now I see a vision a Singapore, this city nation has been prepared to be a city of resting glory, which is habitational revival. In future days, the Lord will not only visit this city, instead He will live in this city.

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