Sit Walk Stand

Sit Walk Stand

Elvis Iverson

In the book of Ephesians you see an outline for the every day Christian, you see a progress of words leading Christians in a path of fruitfulness and blessings. It is important for each believer to study the book of Ephesians. Three key topics cover the whole story and path of the Christian life. These words are sit, walk, and stand.

We are to be seated in Christ, for you to grow and to overcome, and even to begin to live the life that Christ wants of you, you need to first be seated next to Him in faith in the Third Heaven Throne Room. We are saved by grace, and we live by grace, we must believe what Christ has already done for us, and all things are ours and all blessings are ours in Christ, we only need to enter into rest. As long as you remain seated in Christ and in the rest of the Lord you will see the blessings of the Lord begin to flow as rivers of the Spirit continually. –(Eph. 2:6)

After you are seated in Christ, and faith in His grace, entered into rest, then you begin your walk as a believer; this is walk of grace, faith, and love. –(Eph. 4:1)

After you are first seated, second learn the application of the Word of God, live everyday for Christ, walk the walk of faith, walk the walk of love, walk the walk of peace. Then third you learn to stand. –(Eph. 6:11)

Learn to stand on the promise of God, learn to stand in faith, learn to stand in rest, learn to stand fast.

Copyright © 2009 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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