In the Service of the King

In the Service of the King

Elvis Iverson

What to do if your call into the ministry?

What is your gifts and calling, if you say you are called into ministry, and don’t know you are called; you need to know what is your place in the Body of Christ. Begin even as a young age in your calling, take little steps in obeying your call and begin to minister. After your know your gifts and calling, what is your purpose and vision and plans, write them all down, pray over them, and prepare for them. –(Hab. 2:2-3)

Study the Bible, the Word of God, don’t wait for someone to teach you, begin to study the Word of God, know the Word of God. Buy and study books on the Bible to help you study the Bible more, don’t wait for Bible College, you can get same books that they use in Bible College, and begin your studies now, not later. Read and study anointed books, and read and study books according to your gifts, and calling, etc. Become a person of prayer, and learn to have devotion life. –(2 Tim. 2:15)

First before you learn how to give a sermon, first learn to flow in the gifts of the Spirit that Lord has giving you, if you don’t have any gifts of the Spirit, then pray for them. Then learn to give sermons, speeches, write down sermon notes in a notebook, as the Holy Spirit leads you. Then learn to speak before people with boldness, confidence, compassion, and meekness. –(2 Tim. 4:1-2)

Seek out a mentor or spiritual father that has the same or like calling and gifts and ask them to mentor you, if they have the heart to father others into ministry, they will help you. Then be faithful in service to another person’s ministry like you’re called into yet for a season or two, etc. Learn good leadership skills, and learn to be a good leader. Fellowship with others like you is in company of those like you. You must become a person of character. You must pass the test of time. –(2 Tim. 2:2)

Remember, don’t wait for your ministry, begin your ministry, be beginning to minister where you are. But wait for the release into ministry, meaning when go on your own. Ask the Lord to train, mentor and, lead you. –(Acts 13:1-3)

The Path of ordination:

A. You begin to minister among the church in the home with other believers, in time they see your calling and gifts, they set you apart after some time of faithfulness, they then call for an apostle to come and to release you into appointment. After a time of maturity, you then are appointing as an elder, for the church recognizes you, and the apostle gives affirmation.
B. You begin to minister among the home church, after a time they recognize, and you are set apart, then they tell their apostle, and he or she begins to mentor and father the young minister, and the young minister ministers for some time, and then receives affirmation, and ordain into ministry, and after a time of maturity, will then be appointed as an elder.

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