Ancient Gates

Ancient Gates

Elvis Iverson
May 28, 2006

In a prophetic vision I see a city, I enter into this city by the spiritual wings carrying me under me feet. As look at these wings I see they are apart of a great eagle. The great eagle says to me, saying I am grace carrying the servants of the Lord to their destinies. It is by grace and rest of the Lord that the servant of the Lord is released and prophetic fulfillment comes.

Now I come to a center place within this city, it has five ancient gates, they are very huge and one man, not even few can open these gates. The great eagle says these gates can only be open up with grace and revelation. The Lord has already giving you the keys to open these gates; he has place trust in you to carry these keys to the nations and to the church around the world.

The great eagle says; I am the eagle that shall carry the church from bondage, through the wilderness and into the promise land. Prophets are the only ones that can see me, for they believe in me, and not many believe in me. Meaning the supernatural that carry the church into the goodness, favor, and the glory of the Lord. Apostles are the only ones that can call upon me, both apostles and prophets are the ones that feed and raise me up to fulfill my tasks that the Lord has giving me. Without apostles and prophets the people would never believe in me, and I would never have come.

I see a vision of this eagle; he has many eyes to see and to look upon the world from high places. The eagle says; the spiritual high places are being building through prayer, and revelation from there the servants and people of the Lord can see all things around the world.

Now I see the ancient gates, between them is table of fellowship were the apostles and prophets come to fellowship with one another. I see Jesus seated at the head of this table.

The first of the ancient gates is the gate of peter. This is the gate of foundation that must come to the church, a foundation that brings reformation and revival. The fruits of this generation are reformation and revival, with signs and wonders in the power of the Holy Spirit. The second gate is the gate of Barnabas, which is the gate of fathering and mentoring. The third gate is the gate of Paul, which is the gate of missions, missionary work around the world. Now the fourth gate is the gate of James, the Elder, which is the gate of unity, and apostolic vision. The fifth gate is the gate of John, which is the gate of revelation, and visions. These five gates will become one in the fellowship of the Apostles and the Prophets.

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