Sins of America

Sins of America

Elvis Iverson

God loves America, God bless America, America is in the heart of God, God’s purpose for America still stands, God has not giving up on America. He will cover her with great mercy and fill her will many revivals. America may be at a crossroads, but that does not change His plans for America. God hears the so many prayers that have been prayed over the years for America. America is to be an example for what God will do to other nations, meaning His goodness.

Today I will try to list the sins of America so that there might be identificational repentance to add to the river of intercessory prayer, that the gates of revival may open wide over America.

The Lord will bring social transformation to many cities and all of America, we will begin to see this within a few years from now, some of it has already begun, and we will see many revivals come to America. Almost all cities in America will be touch with revival. There will be a great harvest of souls that will become a continue river of harvest throughout all of America.

The Sins of America:

1. Sins of Racism: Every person in Americas needs to come together from gathering place to gathering place and flow in identificational repentance and ask for forgiveness of the so many sins of Racism. –(1 Jn. 4:20)

2. Sins of covenant breaking: We have broken many covenants with the first nation people; we must repent and pray for restoration and healing. –(Mal. 2:14-16)

3. Sins of sexual immorality: Where do we begin with this one, we need much cleansing and healing from these sins.

4. Sins of Abortion: these sins are attacking upon generations that the Lord had so much plans for, this is pure evil, and pure murder.

5. Sins departing from God: We have removed prayer from our schools, God from the everyday life, and so on.

What must we do!

1. Identificational repentance.

2. Repentance of your ones of the five that you have commit, and partake in with others.

3. Ask the Lord to heal you.

4. Pray for the healing of America.

5. Pray prayers for America.

Copyright © 2009 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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