Increase The Rivers of Revelation

Increase The Rivers of Revelation

Elvis Iverson
May 26, 2006

In a vision there are rivers of revelation increasing and multiply, and within each of these rivers the revelation increased faster, and the water in the rivers moved faster. Now I see rivers of revelation increase in size and the rivers begun to rise and begun to flood the lands around them.

Now I see a vision of Jesus leading His sheep to the rivers of revelation. He would lead them near the rivers one the side to drink of such revelation. Through Jesus leading the banks became still waters so that the lambs and sheep can drink of such revelation. However, and at the same time the rivers will flow even faster.

I see a vision of wolfs, goats, pigs, foxes, and even snakes coming toward these rivers of revelation. At the places where the waters were moving fast, they would try to drink, but be looking in and wash away by the speed of the rivers. In the places were the waters were still, angels would protect those drinking from the rivers and to protect the rivers from those who have not be giving access.

Now I see a vision that revelation will increase years into the future, into the lives of those who drink of these rivers. Some will increase to ten years in revelation, others in 20, and others in 30.

In a vision I see many books and many scrolls flowing upon the rivers of revelation for those who drink of these rivers can eat of them. Most of these are personal, and some are for the body.

In a vision I see trees growing in ether side of these rivers, these trees will full of fruits, etc. These are the trees of impartations for the believers to eat of the fruits and levels are for knowledge and how to apply each impartation.

Furthermore, in a vision is see camps on ether side of the rivers. I could see the leaders of these camps were apostles and prophets. These camps had an oneness among them, it was a table in the middle of them all, were the apostles and prophets would come and fellowship.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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