How Deception works

How Deception works

Elvis Iverson

We should not fear deception; those who are so fearful of deception have wrong teaching and their minds need to be renewed. –(Prov. 29:25)

How not to be deceived:

1. The Bible is the Word of God, is the finial Authority.
2. Understanding and knowing the Love of Christ.
3. Filled with the Holy Spirit
4. Faithful in prayer and the Word
5. In faithful fellowship with other believers.
6. Test all things, and holdfast to the Word.
7. In alignment with apostles and prophets.
8. The faithful teaching of the Word of God.
9. Understanding the common ground, unity, the city church and the Body of Christ.
10. Humble, learning and open to the supernatural in Christ.
11. Open to the Body of Christ.
12. Love God and love one another.
13. Love for Truth

How deception works:

You first deceive yourself, and then you listen to only those who feed your itching ears, then the Lord seals your deception. –(2 Thess. 2:1-12)

Deception works like this, it is already in you, but you never get set free from it this is why young believers need to renew their minds, go through discipleship, and deliverance, all believers need to go through deliverance. After you are Born Again, baptism in water and Holy Spirit, then you should go through beginning deliverance. –(Rom. 6:17)

People who become deceive already have deception in their lives, they have not been set free from these lies, and more lies give way to more lies. –(2 Tim. 4:3-4)

Don’t worry about evil spirits taking to you, when demon spirits come to speak as from God, they come to those who are already in deception, see it is like this, there are already evil spirits in their lives that they have not yet been set free from, it is those same evil spirits that led to other evil spirits that led to deception. –(Isa. 30:1)

There are generational curses with evil spirits and lies that believers have not been set free from that leads to more deception, see the deception was already there. –(Lam. 5:7)

Yes we are test every spirit, and test every voice, and test every teaching, and test every prophecy, but don’t do it in fear.

Now how does lying evil spirit that manifest in a location, that in turn people seek it out, that location already has a curse, and been set apart for evil. Those who seek such deception already have evil spirits and deception in them, evil spirits leads to more evil spirits, deception leads to more deception, and lies lead to more lies.

Do not fear deception! Love Truth! Love God and Love One another!

This is how apostasy flows, a person is already deceive, that already have deception in their lives, which leads to more deception, and lies, and deception leads to pride and lawlessness, and the working of satan and lying signs and wonders, remember deception is unrighteousness, it is those who don’t love the truth, that seek those who agree with there deception, deception leads to more deception, deception seeks out deception, and then deception opens the door to delusion and then strong delusion.

This is why we need strong deliverance ministry!

Copyright © 2008 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserve

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