Time for Divine Apostolic Building

Time for Divine Apostolic Building

Elvis Iverson

August 15, 2012


I see a vision of Texas and Florida; I see pillars of clouds and pillars of fires, I see rain, rivers and floods of the Spirit, I see waves of the presence of God coming from everywhere you look.

I see the archangel of healing come down, and standing next to him is an angel who will speak on his behalf; Let the apostles of the new apostolic wineskins arise and build!!! Let the new apostolic wineskins arise, increase, and mature!!! Let the outpouring of the new apostolic wines begin, fill, full, overflow and flood the new apostolic wineskins!!!

I see upon these new wineskins rivers of new wine overflowing weekly and monthly!!!

I see rivers of healing, I see rivers of miracles, I see rivers of signs and wonders, and I see rivers of supernatural manifestations, I see rivers of the gifts of the Spirit, and rivers of the bliss gifts of the Spirit. These rivers flow and become great and overflowing.

I see rivers of great signs and great wonders flowing throughout the church globally!!!!

I see rivers of healing and restoration coming upon cities, regions, nation, and globally.

I see rivers of wealth, great wealth, massive wealth, extreme wealth flowing throughout the church globally.

Then I hear the sound of a holy trumpet in the Third Heaven before the Throne Room and the church, from among the Seven Watchers I hear the sound of the trumpet of divine change.

I see the outpouring of the Spirit of wisdom upon the church from city to city, nation to nation and globally.

Copyright © 2012 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

Read more: http://elvisiverson.proboards.com/thread/896/time-divine-apostolic-building#ixzz3a8sBR3oB


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