Tabernacle of the Third Heaven Part One

Tabernacle of the Third Heaven Part One

Elvis Iverson
May 19, 2006

I hear these words Christ in you the hope of glory. I hear these words the Kingdom of God is within you. I hear these words Greater is He who is in you then those in the world. I hear these words you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I hear these words: The Throne Room is in your heart. Your heart is the Throne Room of the Lord on Earth. If my people would gather around my Throne Room; If my people would submit to one another, be teachable, be humble, and seek for understanding, above all love one another.

I hear these words: It is time for my people to practice my presence; they would carry my glory in this world. It is time to repent of our ways outside of His ways, it is time to repent of doing things outside of the practice of the Presence of God, and it is time to repent of doing things without the Presence of God.

Come up here my people, come up here my people. The door to the Throne Room, and the gates toward the Third Heaven are always open to the believing heart. There is an open door policy, I have giving you an invitation, I have invited you first, It is I who seeks you first, and it is I who called you here first.

Now in a vision I was in the Throne Room of God, the Most Holy Place. I see massive numbers coming from all over the world. The Holy Spirit says soon there will be massive numbers resting here, for you are seated in Christ in Heavenly places.

Now I see the Throne of the Father, He is covered with great light, greater then all light, and all light comes from Him. Now I see our Lord Jesus Christ at the right hand of the Father. By faith we receive the presence of the Father through the Blood of Christ and through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.

Now I see The Holy Spirit in Seven Pillars of burning Fire. These are the Seven Spirits of God that burn day and night before the Throne Room of God. In addition, I see within my heart a Throne of Love, which is where the Holy Spirit is seated upon; The Father is upon the Throne of Mercy, Jesus is upon the Throne of Grace and the Holy Spirit is upon the Throne of Love.

Now I see the four living creatures guarding in the Throne Room, they are the cherubim, and I see the seraphim worshiping in the Throne Room day and night. This is so real that I can feel this in my home, and feel the fear of the Lord in my heart.

Now I see Twenty-four thrones around the Throne of God, and I see twenty-four crowns hovering around the Throne of God, and I see Twenty-four elders around the Throne of God.

Now I see another vision, I see these twenty-four crowns hovering over the Earth. Now I see from the church arise Twenty-four movements that will cover, touch, and impact the body of Christ. As these movements arise from the church, they each receive one of the Twenty-four crowns, and then each of these movements changed form and shape and the whole church was transform. Now I see these Twenty-four moments coming together and linking together around the Throne. Now I see these Twenty-four Movements worshiping before the Throne Together. The destiny of these Twenty-four movements is to worship God in the Throne Room, and to cast their crowns before the Lord. When they have then fulfilled their purpose, and their deeds would be counted worthy before the Lord.

These Twenty-four Movements are the outlines of what God will do, and within these He will move. Anything that does not become apart, and does not grow from within them, will be cast out and will dry up. Any movements that are not within these will not proper before the Lord.

Furthermore, mercy, grace and love was poured out like running water upon those who came to the Throne Room.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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