Rivers of Revelations

Rivers of Revelations

Elvis Iverson
May 20, 2006

The Holy Spirit says; “The Church will come to visions and revelations of the Lord, an more above measured, and more abundance of revelations and visions will come to the Church. Jesus declares grace, grace to the church that shall receive visions and revelations. These visions and revelations will bring outpouring of supernatural manifestations, signs and wonders upon the church. The Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Revelation, and Spirit of Grace and the Spirit of Supplication will be poured upon the church without measure. This is the day of fullness of God, fullness of Christ, and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and peace that surpasses all our understand, and love that passes knowledge will be poured upon the church.

Great light will come; those who love their religions deeds will hate the light, and love darkness. Those who love truth will come to the light and be set free from the deeds of religion. Those who hate the light and love darkness will run from the light into deeper darkness. However, the light will grow and cover the church and shine into the darkness, those who fellowship in the light will walk in freedom and liberty.

The Rivers of Revelations begins at a crossing, a linking, a foundation, and a joining. The foundation of these Rivers of Revelations is the Throne of God. The crossing, linking and joining is in the Throne Room.

In this vision The Throne Room and the Throne of God is the center, is the beginning of these Rivers of Revelations that go in all directions, and will cover the whole church. The Rivers of Revelations flow throughout the church around the world.

In another vision The Throne Room is the center and the beginning, and the foundation of all these Rivers of Revelations, from each side of the Throne Room between the Rivers of Revelations that are going into all directions are huge churches, It does not seem these are churches, for they are full of such power, and glory.

Within them there are elders, a team of elders in each church. They are upon their faces in prayer and worship; the senor elders are on their faces too. It seems no human is in control of these churches. These leaders, these elders look like Jesus.

In another vision there is a foundation being laid by apostles and prophets, they are so busy, it very rested, and in rest. Full of joy and faith. Their hearts are filled with hope, that there hearts become hope. They work day and night, long hours, they look as if they are very dirty from the foundation work that they are doing. However, this dirt is good ground dirt. They are laying the foundation on good ground. From this foundation came revelation to the church, and from revelation came signs and wonders.

In another vision, the Lord Himself along with skillful apostles and prophets, and other ministers of grace were building a great house. This great house will be a center, a linking, a crossing, a joining, a foundation, and a beginning.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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