The Wine List

The Wine List

Elvis Iverson
April 30, 2006

In a vision in Heaven I see a great room full of wine. I see a table in the center on this great room, and upon this table is a wine list. I see many glory colors filling this room. I hear many glory sounds filling this room. Many angels all coming to fill this room, I see the two huge doors open wide to this great room.

I hear the Holy Spirit say drink wine, drink wine, and drink wine. As you drink wine you can eat meat, the more wine you drink the more meat you can eat.

Then I see another door opening up to a smaller room then the wine room, this was the meat house. I can see all kinds of meat, many kinds of meat ready to eat.

I hear the Holy Spirit say, this house takes much time and much patience. Only those who are drunk with wine can live in this room.

Now at the end of this room, which is a house too. I see another door, to a smaller room then of the meat room, a room of the anointing of glory. I see much oil and much light in this room. Filled with such glory and such anointing.

I hear the Holy Spirit say; only those who eat both wine and meat can apply these oils to their lives. The more wine you drink, the more meat you can eat, and then you can apply more oil to your lives. Only those who are drunk with wine, and full with meat can remain in this room.

These three rooms, these three houses, are one room, and one house. This is the church that the Lord is building in this hour.

Now I see apostles and prophets moving between these three rooms. The Holy Spirit says to them if you bring my church here, and who bring my people here will become great in the Kingdom of Heaven, and of the God.

Now the Holy Spirit says where are my people, why have you apostles and apostles come without them. Go now and bring my people and my church, that all may drink wine, eat meat and apply oil to their lives.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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