Above The Clouds Part Five

Above The Clouds Part Five

Elvis Iverson
Above The Clouds Part Five
Through Many Tribulations
February 19, 2006

In this vision I am above the clouds upon the great mountain. I see these words in the sky above me saying enter into the rest and peace of our Lord. I then see these words in the sky above me saying I give you rest and no one can take it from you, I give you peace and no one can take it from you.

Now I see times of refreshing and times of rest come to the church, now I see times when the Spirit of Glory rest upon the church. Now Apostle Peter and Apostle Paul who are standing next to us, begun to speak and to say unto us.

Now revelation comes out of heaven upon the church, I see these words coming upon the church. “We must through many tribulations enter the Kingdom of God”.

Now I see throughout time since the beginning of dispensation of the grace of God many tribulations come upon the earth for the purpose to make way for the Kingdom of God, and to opening the path for the Kingdom of God to come in the world, and that the world may come to the Kingdom of God.

Now again in our time the forces of tribulations have been release upon the world. Now I see a vision of a peace that hovers over the earth that was placed there by God and from time to time He removes this hovering peace from the earth. This hovering peace is what holds back the tribulations forces. But from time to time it is the will of God to remove this hovering peace, so that tribulations may come. And now I see this is one of those times that He removes this hovering peace so that tribulations may come.

But Peter says, the peace, rest and protection upon the church is never removed, and Paul says this is the hour of trial that has now come upon the whole earth.

I see the hand of God, and see certain angels pour out tribulations upon the earth. Peter says the church will grow in this time, and the church will move forth in this time. Paul says do not be shaking for many things will be shaking in this hour.

Now I see Europe and tribulations are poured out upon this land from the hand of God through angels. I see a vision of angel’s coming and visiting areas all over Europe, now I see tribulations forces release from the touch of angels through their rods.

Paul says this must comes that the Kingdom of God may come to the cities, and nations of Europe; that the Gospel may reign in Europe.

Now I see Asia, India, and China, and I see the touch of the rods of angels releasing the tribulations forces upon their lands.

Thomas says many have prayed over these nations and lands. Great doors of salvation will be opened wide in these lands and evils of man against the will of God will suffer the judgments of the Lord.

Now I see the Middle East, and again I see angels with rods coming and placing them upon the lands of the Middle East and the tribulations forces were released.

Peter says this must happen that the forces of evil may suffer and be weaken, that many will come to know the Lord, and that the Gospel will have freedom in the hearts and ears of the people in these lands.

Now Paul says to those nations who touch the anointed people of the Lord, suffering is come to your lands. You will be humbled before the Lord; the tribulations forces will come for you.

Now I look to the city church on the top of this great mountain, and see it’s gates opening upon the world. I see glory and light coming forth, and see many angels coming forth, and I see many blessings coming forth, and I see restorations coming forth, and I see healings coming forth, and I see revelations coming forth, and I see moves of God coming forth.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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