Four Deserts

Four Deserts

Elvis Iverson
April 14, 2006

The Holy Spirit is saying to the church that every place in this world will be touch by revival. Be faithful in your prayers; be faithful in your stand fastness, be faithful in your patience, and be faithful in the prophetic words that I have giving to you.

There is much hope for your cities and lands. The Lord hears your prayers. Be faithful in the work of the Lord. Be faithful in hearing the Lord. Be faithful in moving forth into the new wines and new wineskins.

The Holy Spirit says pray for rain over the spiritual deserts. Be faithful to pray and cry out for spiritual rain for the spiritual deserts. Stand in the gap for the people that are in the spiritual desert that I have called you to wait upon me for rain will come.

The Holy Spirit says to the spiritual polar deserts saying the times will change, and a spiritual divine spring will come upon your spiritual lands. There will be spiritual food, and much spiritual meat coming out from the Throne Room, and the fellowship of the Dark Cloud.

The Holy Spirit says to you spiritual cold-winter deserts saying the Lord anointed certain places to be hot anointed appointed places in the spiritual ream in the natural realm. The Lord will light the paths to those spiritual hot places with holy fire. As my people come to these places and be filled with heat and fire of life they will return to bring the fire with them, setting these regions on fire.

The Holy Spirit is saying to the spiritual subtropical deserts, saying I will plant supernatural gardens throughout your spiritual deserts. They will be much fruit, and they will be fruitful, and they will be enough for everyone. There will spiritual rains in certain areas of these deserts changing the grounds that they rain upon to spiritual fruitful fields.

The Holy Spirit is saying to the spiritual coastal deserts, saying the angels will make spiritual pools and spiritual revivals. The Lord calls in much seafood into these coasts. The Lord will rain holy water upon you.

The Holy Spirit is saying unto His people in the spiritual deserts saying the Lord will bring spiritual rain, holy water, spiritual pools and spiritual rivers. Be faithful in prayer; be steadfast in the prophetic will for the lands that I have appointed you to stand at your watch post waiting and praying unto me. I will reward you for your faithfulness and labors of love.

Copyright © 2006 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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