Above The Clouds Part Four

Above The Clouds Part Four

Elvis Iverson
Above The Clouds Part Four
Ocean of Humanity
January 29, 2006

In a vision I am upon the Great Mountain above the clouds. I hear many sounding from Heaven. I hear many new sounds from Heaven, these new sounds begin to fill the church, begin to fill the earth. This is the day and time of new things. I see a bowl beginning to pour out upon the world; this bowl is full of new things and many new things.

Daniel says; the times have come to understand the hidden prophetic words that have been hidden until now. The prophetic words that have been sealed shall now be open unto the church.

Zechariah says; the plans for Israel are being planted in the hearts of many Christians and Jews around the World. The Lord in His will is going to rise up Jewish Apostles and Prophets In Israel and around the world. Many Jewish people will come to know the Lord in this time of reformation in the Church. The Lord builds a mighty bridge between Israel, Jewish people and the Church. The Lord will send Gentile apostles and prophets who shall open the door to the Jewish Apostles and Prophets, and there will form a holy alliance in prayer and in vision between the Jewish Apostles and Prophets and the Gentile Apostles and Prophets.

John says; the purpose and the destiny of the Church will no longer be hidden from the eyes of the church leaders. The Lord will write upon their hearts a vision for the Church, a vision for the End Time Church.

Esther says; great liberty and great freedom is coming to Christian Women and Children around the world. An army of youth and army of children, and army of women will arise in the power and might of the Lord.

John says; we have enter into the times of transitioning in the church, these times will last for some years and even most of these generations that are alive today. There is transiting from season blessings to monthly blessings coming into the church. The church will yield twelve fruits every month, twelve blessings will be giving to the church every month, the church will be fruitful in all things, the Lord will add daily to the church.

Peter says; in this time great apostles, great fathers will arise with Wisdom, grace and power, which shall lead the church and impart to the rest of the apostles and prophets. And these great leaders will be a great rocks and pillars in the Earth.

Barnabas says; the vision and heart of the model of Barnabas will be imparted to the church in these days. Leaders of Faith will arise, Leaders of hope will arise, and leaders of love will arise.

Malachi says; the gates of heaven, the windows of heaven, the gates of the Kingdom of God, and the gates of the church shall be anointed and open wide upon the earth.

Joel says; great deliverance and great repentance will come upon this generation. The Lord will raise up a generation of Abraham, a generation of Isaac, a generation of Jacob, and a generation of Joseph, yes the Lord will raise up four righteous generations in the earth.

New we see a vision of the Ocean of Humanity all over the world. I hear these words; I have called my people to walk on the water, to walk on the waters of Humanity.

I see a dark oil areas upon the waters, this dark oil has been there throughout time, but now this dark oil will manifest more, and the Lord will clean the waters of Humanity through prayers, faith, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

I now look down upon these dark oily waters and I see unclean spirits attacking and controlling Humanity. I see these unclean spirits, the spirits of infirmity, spirits of fear, spirits divination, spirits of sleeperdom, spirits of bondage, spirits of haughtiness, spirits of perversity, spirits of antichrist, spirits of deaf and dumbness, spirits of heaviness, spirits of lying, spirits of jealousy, spirits of stupor, spirits of error, and spirits of familiar. Then I see the saints all over the world praying 24/7 for their cities, nations and people groups, I see spiritual warfare over the souls of Humanity.

Now from Heaven I see power hail come and hit the waters of Humanity. I see an increase and they continue to increase as the saints pray more as the saints war more. Now I see millstones of power being throwing from heaven from might angels upon the earth. I see some great millstones throwing upon the waters of Humanity from the mighty angels in heaven.

Now I see stones cut out of Heaven without hands, these stones were sent to strike the waters of Humanity. And from them grown mountains and lands above the waters of Humanity. Then many people swim into the grounds of these mountains and islands of mercy and grace. These mountains are kingdoms of man becoming the Kingdoms of Christ; these islands are the promise lands of the saints.

Now I see precious stones laid upon the earth from the hands of Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I see the house of the Lord being build with grace, anointing, revelation, wisdom, knowledge, prayer, apostolic and prophetic anointing. This house is the City Church.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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