Above The Clouds Part Two

Above The Clouds Part Two

Elvis Iverson
Above The Clouds Part Two
The Great Sword
November 26, 2005

In a vision I am on the great Mountain above the clouds in the sky, and at the top of this great mountain is the City Church. As I look toward the north, toward the south, toward the east and toward the west I see around each of the clouds in the sky many, many, many angels, and with each cloud there was a host of angels.

Now I here these words, “This is the future, this is coming, the earth will be covered with these clouds with the hosts of angels in companying them”.

Now the Prophet Joel was standing next to me, He said that the Holy Spirit would pour out even greater today then any other time before this time. And that the Lord would in this day restore the revival life, and revival will be a way of life.

Now Abraham was standing next to me, He said that this is a day of great faith in the earth. The Lord is rising and birthing many spiritual fathers and they are a type of me Abraham. These spiritual fathers are the ones to pioneer new ways and new ideals. The new ways and the new ideals that they will bring forth are giving to them by the Holy Ghost. These ones have no father or mentor, except there father and mentor is the Lord. These ones are like Abraham, Moses, Solomon, and Paul.

Now I said to Abraham and Joel why do you speak to me now? They say we are apart of the great cloud of witnesses; so great a cloud of witnesses surrounds you. Then I see a vision of all the saints that have gone before us standing around us, waiting to see their seeds in us come to fruitfulness.

Now Moses stood next to us, saying as I was giving so much revelation of the house of God, so shall the Lord give to His people and servants in this hour, the time of reformation of all things have begun.

Then Joel says; we are coming to the end of the time of restoration, now we are going into the time of reformation. I now see a vision of the church throughout time, and I see many pillars of fire coming down from Heaven around and in the church throughout the world.

Then Abraham says, this is a new day of the church, the old days will soon pass away and the time of the birthing of the new days is at hand. The Lord will make His church of today a great people in all the earth and in them all peoples will be blessed.

Moses says, has I seen the glory of the Lord, this generation of faith will know an even greater glory then I seen on the mountain of Sinai. And my mantle will pass to this generation and from this generation will birth forth a generation of Joshua, and that generation will birth the generation of David.

Now Solomon spoke his words, saying to this day and time will come an outpouring of the wisdom of God, and this generation will have an even greater wisdom then I did in my time.

Then Paul says, in this time what the purposes of the church that was giving in my time shall now come forth and be fulfilled and come to fruitfulness in this time.

Now I see a vision of a great sword that has been waiting for the church to arise and take hold of this great sword. This great sword is to be uses in the spiritual battles of our time and to set cities and nations free. This great sword comes for one purpose is to bring true freedom.

Since now the foundation of the apostles and prophets have been laid, and the five-fold ministry is coming together, and we have entered into the time of the equipping of the saints and the mighty marketplace army is being birth in the earth. Now the great sword can by trusted to the church to carry this great sword in unity and in vision in the many spiritual battles of our time.

Now as the mighty marketplace army begins to enter into all areas of society, the kingly anointing is being release through the foundation of the apostles and the prophets, the kingly anointing is now beginning to pour upon the church in our time. The kingly anointing can come and is imparted to the church and the saints. This is why the great sword is now being open up to us, and we must see this great sword and take hold of it and begin to use it in our spiritual battles.

Now Moses says, yes we are coming to the end of the time of restoration, which was the restoration of the priesthood but, now we are entered in to the time of the restoration of the kingly anointing and the restoration of the kings.

Now what is this great sword? This great sword is the kingly anointing giving to the church, and must be carried forth in unity and in vision.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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