Fires of Patience

Fires of Patience

Elvis Iverson
February 12, 2006

Many of you are being tested with the fires of patience. And all of you will be tested with the fires of patience. It is time for us to love and to enjoy the fires of patience. To see the benefits of the fires of patience, and to believe in the good that comes through fires of patience.

One of gateways for the wisdom of God to flow into the lives of the beilevers is through the fires of patience. However, certain numbers of us do not understand God’s purposes in the fires of patience, and we don’t have a revelation of the fires of patience.

The Lord builds sounded faith in the hearts of the believers through the fires of patience. From the fires of patience will come a kind of joy that will turn others around you to Christ, and through the fires of patience will come maturity that is needed for us to carry the coming anointing of glory.

No longer fear the fires of patience, instead have divine hope in the process of the fires of patience in your life. Look forward for the fires of patience, no not run crying home, but become mature in suffering and the fires of patience.

It is through the work of patience you learn the heart of the Father, and you are granted access into the innermost parts of the Holy Spirit. It is the Father’s goodwill that you eat of the fruits that come through the fires of patience; it is His goodwill that you are filled with the fruits that come through the fries of patience.

The Lord has giving you grace to enter, to enjoy, to count it all joy when you fall into various trials, and through these tests of patience you will no longer be lacking instead you will be mature and compete for the coming glory and power of God that will come.

The Fruits that come through the fires of patience are wisdom, joy, peace, vision, revelation, maturity, and character. Those who are tested will see more, those who don’t surrender to the work of patience will see less. The work of Patience is the work of the Holy Spirit in you, and He is faithful to compete this work in you.

Now the Holy Spirit speaks faith, hope and grace to all who are going through the fires of patience, for now shall come to the fire of the Holy Spirit, and the times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.

Now the Holy Spirit invites you to know His comfort, and His presence in the fires of patience. As you are tested seven times you will be blessed with the gates of blessings. From your times of testing will come times of blessings.

He will honor His word that He has said and that He has planted inside you, He will fulfill and bring to pass the prophetic words and your faithful prayers. The Lord will widen your spiritual ears to His voice and this will be a special reward to you. These widen spiritual ears will set you apart and set you upon a high place in the earth among men, and you will be one of the sources of blessing for the church, and men will watch over you and protect you.

You will know the fullness of the life of the Spirit, and the fullness of His goodness and mercy and experience the life of power, glory and favor from the Lord. The Holy Spirit will glorify Christ through you and in your life.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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