Above The Clouds Part One

Above The Clouds Part One

Elvis Iverson
Above The Clouds Part One
On The Horizon
October 30, 2005

In a vision I see many valleys, and I see a great mountain in the center of all these valleys. I now see a long dirt pathway going through the valleys toward this great mountain. There was only one pathway in each of these valleys and all these pathways went toward this great mountain.

These are the pathways of destiny. If you want to move forth faster you must step upon these pathways of destiny. Your destiny is link to other believer’s destiny, and our destinies are link to our Lord Jesus Christ’s destiny.

Now I began to step upon this pathway before my feet. As I walk for a long time through the valley that I was in I came to the bottom of the great mountain.

These valleys are harvest fields, each valley is another nation, and each nation is a harvest field. I could see many works in each of these valleys. They are the saints doing the work of the ministry.

Then I see battles going on in each of these valleys. These were the armies of the Lord warring for these nations and these harvest fields. Some battles were very heavy, and I could see within these valleys the smoke arise from these battlefields.

I see some of the armies warring very fearful, very burdensome and I see others warring in God’s peace and rest. These ones who war in rest and peace were warriors that were more mature then the ones warring in fear and burdensome.

Now I look up in the sky above each of these valleys, and I could see clouds forming over these nations, over cities, and over these harvests fields. As these clouds formed around the world, the whole sky above these nations was filled with clouds.

Then I seen prophets laying at the bottom of this great mountain, they were hurt and some bloody hurt. One said to me, I have been speaking forth the prophetic, sounding the trumpet for years, however certain Christians and even their leaders throw stones at me many times, and now I have not much strength left, with my last breaths I will speak forth the prophetic word.

Now I see rivers flowing down from the top of this great mountain flowing through the church and the world. They will flow into these valleys to give life, strength, and freedom. These rivers will always flow and there is no end to them. Around each river flowing down the great mountain were trees planted by the Lord on every side.

Now I begin to walk upward to the top of this great mountain. This great mountain is the Kingdom of God, the Rock of Christ, which fills the whole earth, and this great mountain is in the hearts of believers everywhere.

As I walk upward to the top of this great mountain I came upon the gathering of the clouds around the world. I could see now above the clouds. This is where the Holy Spirit is calling His people to see above the clouds, to see from heaven’s view, and to live on the mountaintop.

Now I see arising upon the Clouds that have formed around the world, the Sun of Righteousness, for we shall see the clouds and this Sun in this generation. The Sun releases the great release upon the church. The power of God, the demonstration of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, healing, miracles, and deliverance, raising the dead, signs and wonders, and even mighty deeds, and great exploits, supernatural transportation, and apostolic, prophetic, and great grace.

I see nations and cities being won over a short time. I see spiritual battles being won in a short times, I see great strength come to the armies of the Lord, to turn the battles back at the gates. I see not only that these battle were over these harvest fields; also they were over these gates.

Now Daniel the prophet of old came up to me, saying now a great prophetic anointing will be poured out upon the church, this will be the greatest prophetic anointing in all of the times and even the old times. This prophetic anointing will increase and build and become even greater. The Holy Spirit will pour out upon the church prophecy, visions, dreams, and the whole church will move in the prophetic. And there will come a greater generation of prophets like never seen before on the face of the earth.

Then the angel Gabriel stood before us saying the Lord will change the times and seasons of the church in this time and this generation. The Lord will do many great things in this generation that have not been done in such greatest then any other generation before this one.

Then John the Apostle came up to us and said, and a great apostolic anointing will be poured out upon the church. This will be the greatest apostolic anointing ever in history to be poured out. The Lord will trust many things, and many great things to this generation of greatest, the apostles that are to arise very soon will be greater then the first apostles and the apostles in the book of Acts. And from this great apostolic anointing will increase and build and even become greater in future days.

Now I move on to the top of this great mountain and I see a city of light and glory build by the Lord throughout time and history. This is the city church, build upon the Kingdom of God, the Rock of Christ.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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