Tent Of Meetings

Tent Of Meetings

Elvis Iverson
February 5, 2006

While I was teaching/preaching a message on Sunday called Elijah Church, and in the beginning of this sermon I prayed for anyone who hears this message and then a prophetic word/vision came to me for the body of Christ in our time.

I see a vision of a huge tent of meetings made with cloths that are very costly. I see a huge parking lot in the front side of this tent of meetings. This parking lot was huge and beyond what we could see with our eyes.

The Campgrounds around the tent of meetings was huge and beyond what we could see. Now I see a fence all around, and no demon could enter into these campgrounds or the parking lot, etc. I now see guarding angels place everywhere around the tent of meetings, in the parking lot, and the campgrounds and at the fence.

Now I entered into the tent of meetings I see three main centers in the center of the tent of meeting. I now see the first center, which is the apostles and the prophets, and see they will become center stage in the church and world, I see them walking and moving in the power of God, signs, wonders and mighty deeds. I see huge churches rise up and I see the city church in the cities of the world. And I ask the Holy Spirit is this the center stage, and He says no.

Now I see the second center stage, I see believers walking in signs, wonders, miracles, and healings, raising the dead, and casting out demons. I see believers prophesying, seeing visions, and dreaming dreams. I see mighty marketplace army, I see mighty workplace army, and I see mighty business army. I see josephs and Daniels, Tycoons, wealthy people, Business Kings, I see the Cyrus anointing and those who are Cyrus’s. Now I see wealth, wealth, wealth, and more wealth. I see the governments and nations change and reformed by the saints. Now I ask the Holy Spirit is this the center stage, and He said this is not the center stage.

Now I see the third stage, which is the stage of revival and reformation. I see massive reformation come to the church, and I see massive revivals come to the church. I see revivals, moves of God, and outpourings of the Holy Spirit. And see the Holy Spirit meaning fire, glory, light and wind. This is the center stage!

This outpouring is coming, this is the outpouring that is coming, and this is the outpouring that is coming. The Holy Spirit is touching you; the Holy Spirit is ministering to you.

Copyright © 2006 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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