Increase of Freedom and Justice

Increase of Freedom and Justice

Elvis Iverson

August 15, 2012

I see a vision of the archangel of Judgment come down upon the earth, and angel standing next to him saying freedom, great freedom, deep freedom, breakthrough, great breakthrough, deep breakthrough come to many, come to many, come to many!!!

Then I hear the sound of a holy trumpet in the Third Heaven before the Throne Room and the church, from among the Seven Watchers I hear the sound of the trumpet of deliverance. I see the outpouring of the Spirit of might upon the earth.

I see rivers of deliverance, rivers of great deliverance, rivers of deep inner healing, rivers of freedom, and rivers of breakthrough flow in many rivers, and in those rivers came forth many more rivers, and rivers upon rivers.

I see outpourings of armies of angels coming forth to bring freedom, deliverance, and restoration to many, and great numbers.

I see a vision of angels of deliverance, angels of freedom, angels of inner healing, angels of restoration moving across the earth.

I see vision of many happy and glad faces, many running to the Cross, and great numbers, upon great numbers being free and restore and build up in grace and blessings.

I see a vision of a big angel fly across the earth with a big bag of blessings, I could see this bag overflowing and flooding the lives of many.

Copyright © 2012 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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