Face of God Part Three

Face of God Part Three

Elvis Iverson

In a revelatory Realm of Heaven by the Holy Spirit the eyes of my spirit are open. I could see a powerful light throughout heaven. I then heard a voice saying this powerful light is the great light that the church shall walk in these days and this great light will be the light that lights the way for the future and the end time church.

Now again I see these two angels, revelation angel and mysteries angel standing next to me, then they said now it is time for you to see more what is about to happen in your time.

I then see a vision in a vision of a globe; this globe was around us, it was a vision in us and a vision around you, and vision of my heart.

Then I could see armies of angels place above each nation around the world. I then looked upon the European nations and could see many, many, many, many, many angels that I could not number. They were placed over each nation waiting for their release from the Lord of the Hosts.

Then one of the angels standing waiting over one of the European nations said to me, very soon the spiritual nature of these nations will begin shaking and moving under the power of the Holy Spirit. There is coming a heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit upon these nations.

Now I see armies of angels placed over African nations, and again I see many, many, many that I could not number. Then one of these angels over one of these African nations said to me, the Lord is arising a powerful and mighty church in Africa that will shake the nations of the earth. The Church of Africa will be a spiritual leader to the body of Christ around the world.

Now I see armies of angels over the nations of Asia, then one of these angels with a company of angels over one of these nations began to talk to me, The Holy Spirit will humble, and move mighty in hearts of His people, you will see great signs in the earth in these parts of the world. These great signs will be many, and these great signs will began the fear of the Lord to the world. There will be great fear of the Lord abound in the hearts of many in these parts of the world. Upon many souls, many souls will be humbled and will fearfully worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth.

Now I see armies of angels over each nation in the Middle East, and one those angels among a company of angels said to me, from these nations the church of each of these nations will arise with greatness, for so long you have seen these churches under the feet of others however, no longer shall this be. The Lord will open wide the gates and doors of these nations to the Church and the Kingdom of God.

Now I see armies of angels over each of nations of Central America and South America, now one of the angels of one of the companies of angels placed over these nations said to me, the Lord will open the gates of deliverance and repentance wide over these nations. Now I could see pure and holy rivers began to flow in many places in these nations and these rivers grow and became strong rivers and these strong rivers grow and became mighty rivers in the lands of these nations. Now these rivers begun to connect with each other and begun to created floods between themselves and flooding these lands in these nations.

Now I could see an army of angels over America and an army of angels over Canada, and one of these angels came to me saying, great burning fires will burn throughout these two nations. These great burning fires will never be put out, instead these great burning fires will increase and fill these two nations and the hearts and minds of these people. These great burning fires will go to all the nations of the earth. Then I look over each of the American States and I could see armies of angels over each of these states too, and likewise over the Canada provincials too.

Now in Heaven after this powerful vision I could see other men and women of God standing with us and they have been with us since the beginning of these prophetic words to the church and the world. We all worship and give praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

However, then there was no noise or sound in heaven, after awhile the Holy Spirit said, it is time to get you houses in order, get your hearts in order, seek the Lord with all your hearts and actions. Be busy in seeking and praying to God in this time. Prepare yourselves for what is about to befall the church and the nations of the world.

Now the Lord of Sabaoth, who is the Lord of the Hosts, who is Jesus Christ our Lord, was standing before us all. He begun to speak and He begun to say,

“I did not come to bring peace, I am coming with a sword in my mouth, I am coming to establish my will, my house, my kingdom, and those who will repent in their ways and mindsets can enter into my leading in this time and hour for the church and then for the world.”

“What is about to begin is the great Battle of your time, this battle must come. For this battle is a reformation, is a revival, and I will pour out great light, great revelation, and great power and you shall know of the goodness of the Lord.”

“What will come forth from this; is massive movements of the Holy Spirit throughout the body of Christ and throughout the world.”

“What shall come forth from this Great Battle; is revival life for my church, I will restore the revival life, and revival will be a way of life.”

“What shall come forth from this great battle; are revivals and my resting glory upon cities. Revivals will be here and there, and near your heart. Revivals will come and go and revivals will come and remain, and revivals will come and birth more revivals. Revival will come and go from revival to revival.”

“What shall come forth from this great battle; will be massive revivals throughout the world and the church, massive revivals resting and remaining in cities around the world; a life of massive revivals and glory coming, coming, and going from revival to revival.”

“This great battle is the battle that will break out among the church when the outpouring of revelation begin, this revelation will lead to the opening of the seals that will lose these times and life of power, glory, and revival in the church and throughout the world.”

Furthermore, the Holy Spirit says, the great battle is about to begin, and the leading up to this great battle is already in action and movement. The outpouring of revelation is going to begin!

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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