A Guide to Prayer

A Guide to Prayer

Elvis Iverson


I have been teaching believers how to pray for 20 years, I remember when I was a young believer trying to pray and it was hard, I will hear others praying around me, but there prayers were not based on the Word, and no one never give teaching on prayer, one day I heard a good teaching on prayer that begun my prayer journey, most of all the Holy Spirit has giving me teaching on prayer. Today I will impart teaching and anointing, as I teach you, what the Holy Spirit give me, I now give to you, I believe the Holy Spirit is already teaching you and leading you in prayer.

Guidelines to prayer:

Enter into the Throne Room by the Blood of Christ; ask for grace and mercy, pray in faith, pray according to the Word of God, Pray in your understanding, pray much of your prayer time in the Spirit, pray until the peace of God comes. Begin your prayer time with thanksgiving, then enter into praise, and end your prayer time with worship, believe every time for the Lord to speak to you, learn to follow the presence of God in prayer. When you end your prayer time cover your prayer with the Blood of Christ. –(Heb. 4:16, 10:19)

Write a prayer outline to increase your prayer life to an hour.

Example of a prayer outline:

1. Enter into the Throne Room by the Blood of Christ.

2. Thanksgiving and thank the Lord.

3. Praying in understanding, pray for your personal needs, etc. pray for your love ones, pray for one another, pray for your city, state and nation, PRAY ETC.

4. Praise the Lord.

5. Pray in the Spirit unlit you feel a breakthrough and filling of the peace of God.

6. Wait and believe the Lord to speak to you.

7. Worship the Lord.

8. Cover your prayer with the Blood of Christ.

Daily Prayer lists outlines:

Write a prayer list of all things you would like to pray for, what you have to pray for, what you should pray for, and what the Lord wants you to pray for. Then divide them into five lists and pray that list on that day.

Other prayer lists:

You can write other prayer lists and prayer outlines to help you pray for other things, etc.

How to pray long:

First write out a prayer outline, second write five prayer lists for five days of the week, set the same time to pray every day, after you have prayed through your list, then pray in the Spirit and listen to music and try to pray for an hour, etc.

Now if you want to pray long, or set a day apart to pray for five to seven hours, this is what you do.

Write out a list of prayer, and divide into 5 min, to 15 min. 30 min. 60 min. and play anointed music in the background.


10:00: begin with prayer.

10:15: pray in the Spirit.

10:30: pray for nations.

11:00: soaking and waiting upon the Lord.

12:00: praying for Israel.

12:15: etc. and so on.

Praying in the Spirit at work:

Ask the Holy Spirit, requests of the Holy Spirit pray for this and that, and then pray in the Spirit, you can pray in the Spirit while you work. Then Thank Him.

Soaking Prayer:

Enter into the Throne Room, enter into the Presence of the Lord, play anointed, prayer, and prophetic music and waited upon the Lord, etc.

The Prayer of Contemplation:

When beginning your journey in the prayer of contemplation, have a note book to keep tack of what the Lord says and what you see, also set a whole day apart even two days, etc.

1. Beginning:

Enter into the Throne Room, Enter into rest, Pray in the Spirit.

2. The prayer of recollections:

Confess of sins, casting your cares, getting past distractions, other, and releasing burdens, etc.

3. The prayer of meditation:

Meditation, chew over a verse of scripture.

Meditation to visualization and imagination:

· The cross of Christ.

· The blood of Christ.

· The resurrection of Christ.

· The Throne Room.

· Anointed feeling.

· The presence of the Lord.

· Other.

Soaking and waiting.

Be still, quietness, and waiting.

4. The Prayer of Union:

Peace of God ministers, love of God ministers, joy ministers, hopes and faith ministers to you.

5. The Prayer of Ecstasy:

Visions, Ecstasy, trances, and raptures.

6. Cover your prayer with the blood of Christ.

This guide is just to help you get going on your journey in prayer; I hope you enjoy this teaching, grace, and grace.

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Copyright © 2009 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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