Great Communicators

Great Communicators

Elvis Iverson
January 1, 2006

This is a new hour when the Holy Spirit by His ways and His winds He will raise up certain persons and give them an anointing for great communication, they will be the great communicators of this hour. They will come in great communication with great demonstration; in addition the Lord will give them great favor.

In the hour before this one, the Lord raised up two great communicators they were Ronald Reagan and Billy Graham. Ronald Reagan was giving a gift from God to be a great communicator in His time. Billy Graham was used by the Lord to minister the living gospel, the good news around the world, in many cities, and in many nations. He has planted many good seeds in the hearts of many, and now we are coming to the time for the harvest of those seeds.

There is coming upon the church an anointing and a grace for great communication more people will be won to the Lord in the next few years then all of the history before now. In addition, more societies, community, governments will be change by the anointed voices and the anointed voice of the Church. Not only they will be giving an anointing and a grace for great communication, in addition they will be giving an anointing and a grace for great demonstration of power. Beside the great communication with great demonstration, there will be great favor upon the church in this hour.

Moreover, there will be great communication, great demonstration, great favor and great faith, and great works, and great actions done by and through the church.

The Lord will give the Church hearing ears and seeing eyes to hear and see what the Holy Spirit is saying unto the Churches. There will come the voice from heaven that will shake the kingdoms of this world. This voice, this sound is being release first in the church then to the world.

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