Face of God Part Two

Face of God Part Two

Elvis Iverson

In a revelatory Realm of Heaven by the Holy Spirit the eyes of my spirit are open. I see two angels, revelation angel and mysteries angel standing before me. Then I hear a trumpet sound with the ears of my heart.

Revelation angel says this is the holy sound calling the Lord’s people to His Throne. Let us go and see what the Lord would say to you in this time for his people.

Then I could see another angel a strong and powerful angel standing before me. He then said there are other angels like me, but not that many. We lead the Lord’s armies under the Lord of Host who is the Lord of Sabaoth. We are preparing now for a great battle that we will fight very soon. Yes there are other battles that we are fighting right now. We are most busy when the saints pray on the earth.

A great battle is about to begin; this battle will be fought within the church. This will be one of the great battles, but this battle must come in order for the church to fulfill her destiny and that the prophetic words over her can come to pass, this battle is about destiny.

Now I see another angel that looks like a diplomat. He says that he is sent forth to give the word of the Lord to those who will change history. He brings the Lord’s commission to those who will change history. There is only one of me; I am at the Lord’s
Command I carry only His word in certain times and seasons. The Lord has power to change times and seasons.

The times and seasons are going to change for the church. This will be times of the Lord’s favor and times of the beginning of His glory arising in the church. These will be times when He will pour out revelation upon the church, and the church shall be giving the mind of Christ, which is a life of revelation from the Lord.

Now the two angels, revelation angel and mysteries angel standing with me said it now time to move on to the Throne Room. We then began to fly very fast in heaven. It seems that heaven is a big place. Then the mysteries angel says heaven is lager then earth and hell. Heaven grows everyday with glory and power. Heaven is full of the fruits of the Spirit. When you come to the Throne Room you come to Heaven by faith in the Spirit. You are to be filled up with heaven so you can take it back to earth and impart it to the body of Christ and to the world. This is what every believer is to do.

Now we come to the area outside of the Throne Room. It was so glorious, powerful, great light and great revelation. The Revelation angel says what you see, hear, and feel will become the life of church and the world will witness this everyday from the church.

Now I had a vision in the vision of heaven that I am having right now. I could see before the outside of Throne Room a battlefield this battlefield was huge before my eyes and it look like you had to go through a lot to get to the throne room.

Then the revelation angel and mysteries angel and me jump into this vision. I could hear the loud sound from the Throne Room calling His Body to the Throne Room. But getting there seemed to be great battle that had to be fought.

The mysteries angel says if they only know the truth that they can come to Throne all the time, by the Blood of Christ. The church lack vision and does not know her destiny. Many members have hard time praying and seeking God. They have a hard time coming to the Throne Room, for the reason they lack knowledge.

They need a revelation of the Throne Room to overcome the lies and deceptions of the enemy. Prayerlessness was everywhere. Many members lack the discipline to pray for the reason they lack vision. But the Lord is going to Baptist his church with holy love, burning love, passionate love for the Lord. In addition, the church lack discipline in prayer for reason they have a lack of love toward their Lord.

Now I could see saints that made it into the Throne Room standing at the door of the Throne Room, praying and crying out for those on the battlefield. Then I could see many, upon many, upon many and upon many fighting in this on going battle to get to the Throne Room.

I could see some who had been to the Throne Room many times and went back to dug up wells of past revivals, I could see many wells being dug up again, even wells that other didn’t think of. These ones went back by the leading of the Lord to dug wells of past revivals had in them burning hearts of fire.

I could see as the wells were dug up. Then I could see those who dug them pray, and pray, and pray for the Lord to bless them again. Then angels came from nowhere with cups of water, this water was supernatural water. They then pour this water into the wells that we had dug up again. Once when this supernatural water touch the bottom of these wells that water in them open up and begun to fill and become full and begun to over flow.

Now I could see floodgates holding the new revivals back and I could see man made dams trying to hold back other revivals. I could see prophets speaking to them to open up. Then one by one the floodgates open, and one by one the dams break forth.

Now I could see as the well of revivals and these new revivals begun to fill the earth. Then I could see the life of God begun to fill the battlefield.

But before all of these good news happens. I had a vision that those many that found it hard to come to Throne Room that some of them begun to attack with swords and tongues those who were used to dug up the wells again and those who were trying to open the floodgates and break through the dams.

I also could see fire fall from Heaven from the Throne Room. This was revelation coming down. It looked like rocks of fire coming down from the Throne Room. Revelation was coming to every place. Revelation will come, the glory of the Lord will come, and the goodness of the Lord will come.

Now those who were not being touch by the rocks of revelations, those who didn’t receive the rock of revelation were the ones that begun to pick up swords against their brothers and sisters who had revelation.

First of all these that don’t have revelation didn’t want it, now they are angry with those who had revelation. And this angry was from demons of hate and of religion.

Now I could see angels come from everywhere with swords to fight against those who fight against their brothers and sisters who had revelation. This was the beginning of the great battle that must be fought, won, and overcome.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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