Face of God Part One

Face of God Part One

Elvis Iverson

In a revelatory Realm of Heaven by the Holy Spirit the eyes of my spirit are open. I see a flood of revelation flowing like a river toward me. I feel the manifest presence of the Lord. I see angels all around in heaven. I feel the glory of God coming upon the Church to the Earth.

I see this holy being before me saying, “welcome to the Third Heaven”. I could see his huge and long wings that were more then easy to cover himself or others around him. He could cover himself with these wings and still there will be more of the wing to cover others.

Then he said, “Again welcome to the third heaven, for the Third heaven is also in those born of the Spirit for they are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. You have within your self the Most Holy Place. The Glory of the Lord will come to the church and fill all his people and then pour out into the world.

As he spoke knowledge was giving to me that this is a revelation angel who functions are to protect, and hide mysteries for a set time to be release. He then said, the Lord of Sabaoth says that the time has come to release and uncover these mysteries for this time.

However, the Redeem must pray for the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Revelation to be poured out upon them. They must pray for seeing eyes and hearing ears. The Lord now gives to His Church the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Revelation. There will be great prophetic rivers and great revelation rivers pour out upon His body.

Then the revelation angel looks into my eyes, and could see holy fire in His eyes. Then this holy fire in his eyes came out into my eyes. My eyes begun to burn and I could see living fire in my eyes.

Now in Heaven I had a vision in this vision, I could see flying eyes and flying ears release upon the body of Christ. Then the revelation angel said I have two golden earrings giving to me from the Lord of Sabaoth for you. Then the angel put these two golden earrings through my ears, my ears begun to hear new sounds in heaven that I never heard before and my ears begun to burn with holy fire too.

Then the revelation angel took from under his right wind a tall glass of revelation. He said this is the revelation that shall be pouring out in this time in your generation. Now the Lord of Sabaoth has asked of you to drink this cup and drink all of it.

Now the revelation angel said those who see your heart should be giving the holy fire in your eyes, those who become your bondservant shall be giving your golden earrings. Those who are seated in fellowship and in love with you shall be giving the same cup of revelation that was giving to you today.

Those don’t see your heart their sight will be remove, those who don’t become your bondservant shall lose their hearing ear, and those who don’t seat and fellowship and love with you shall not drink of this wine. I am not saying this just to you, but I am saying this to all those that shall bear the cup of this revelation in this time.

Your Lord will pour out such revelation in this time and in this generation that there will be higher accountable that He will hold His people of this time and of this generation accountable.

Then I could hear the Holy Spirit say I give you grace for your sight and I give you grace for you hearing. I love to speak, and fellowship with you my people. I love to lead you unto your destiny in Christ. I love to lead you unto hope and a good future.

Now I see another angel come beside the other angel. This was an angel name the mysteries angel, he says I am like revelation angel in certain areas and we work together. The revelation angel remains in the third heaven well I come to earth to speak among God’s people. I only speak to those who can see me, and only those whom the Lord anointed their eyes and ears to see and ear from me can only see or hear me. In the last 20 years I have been busy planting seeds of revelation around the world in those who can see. Now we come to the time that those seeds will grow, multiply, fill the earth and be harvested.

Revelation is harvested through the fruits that come forth from revelation, and the worship that giving to the Father through the revelation giving to him. I will visit those who I planted seeds of revelation with throughout their life. Even if they don’t know that I am there, but still they can see me. I will be with them in the seedtime, the drying time, the lifetime, growing time, multiply time and the harvest time. Those that I have plant seeds with are ministers of revelation and have be giving a ministry of revelation from the Lord.

Now the revelation angel said the time has come, the generation has come for me to open wide my wings and release the hidden revelation for this time, upon the body of Christ. The Lord will fill His Church with revelation.

Now the mysteries angel said now I will go to the home churches, cell churches, local bodies, cities, groups, networks, nations, the world, and the Body of Christ and speak to them on those levels. I will speak on a group level instead on a person-to-person level, and I will be with them in seedtimes, growing times, multiply times and the harvest times. The mysteries angel says that the drying times are not giving on a group level only on a personal level. The mysteries angel says that the Lord give the church a ministry of revelation to the world in this time, and the church together shall be ministers of revelation in this time.

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