Two Rivers Prophecy Part Two

Two Rivers Prophecy Part Two by Elvis Iverson

Elvis Iverson


Another River

The Holy Spirit comes upon me and carries me to the great mountain. Everyone comes here will be full of grace and truth. You can overcome the coming days by grace and truth. I see again a company of Apostles; they come up to me and begin to minister to my wounds and bruises. And one the Apostles said you could only heal others when you were hurt and wounded and then after you were healed then you too can minister. Then another Apostle came up and said, ‘see the need of accountability but not without relationship, reject all accountability without relationship. You need to have accountability with own peers that walk in the same gifts. And then you need fellowship with all of five-fold ministry to learn the mind of Christ and still then you need the whole Body for the head can’t live without the body.’ Then another Apostle came up to me and said, ‘ you must be healed from your wounds in order to have true humility.’ And another Apostle said, ‘ see the spirit of pride comes to many who are hurt and then give them false covering, so they can’t see their hurts no longer.’ Then Another Apostle said, ‘ if you can’t see your hurts, you will not walk in the light of Christ with you. We can’t have revelation without seeing your hurts ether.’ Then an Angel came up to us and said, ‘ all pure rivers flow from this mountain, for this place was layed by Christ alone.’ Then the Holy Spirit began to blow upon all the Apostles standing with me and they began to fly and they all turned into eagle as we fly over the valleys. And the Lord said to each one of us that these valleys will no longer be cursed and there will be no longer valleys of death but life and I shall bless these valleys. And it was like we could fly any where in the Earth. And from this place where we were in the sky, we could see the whole world. Then I saw spheres of authority and they were like crowns with wings and to each Apostle. They fly to their own crowns and to the nations.

Then I saw the Missouri River and then I fly down by the river next to city of Omaha, Nebraska and stand with some prophets and began to prophecy to the river; prophecy to the city and prophecy to central Midwest of America and the heartland. I too began to prophecy. It is very easy for the anointing was so strong. Then I was led to drink of the river and I drank of the river and I became drunk with the Holy Spirit. The river had five main tastes and they were government, holiness, grace, power and business.

Then the Holy Spirit said, ‘ now point your finger at Omaha and I did. Then other prophets followed my leading. And the Holy Spirit spoke through me and said, ‘Omaha you shall be called the City of the Apostles. You shall be an altar unto God and Omaha shall be a habitation of God in the Spirit. The foundation of Church of Omaha shall be made up of the Apostles and the Prophets. Omaha shall be one of the last days dwelling places on Earth.’

Then the Lord said unto us that I would remove my finger of grace from certain places and at certain times. But I will place my grace over this city and it shall not move. But in the coming days, I will remove my fingers of many places for a few minutes to bring many to repentance. And I will keep doing this in many places around the world to bring many to the Lord.

And the Lord said that there are many Cities that shall be a habitation of grace, mercy and refuge and that Omaha is one of them. And these cities shall be Isaiah 60 cities where the sinners will come bring me offerings. In turn, I then blessed them. Kings will send their ambassadors and even they themselves will come in order to bring mercy upon their lands.

Then I saw many from many nations come to Omaha. I saw within Omaha many mega Churches and the City was full of Glory. I saw Omaha as a home to many Apostles. I saw Omaha as a home of many ministries. I saw that ministries go to and fro through the world to the nations that God called them. And it’s a great joy to see.

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Another River Part two

The Holy Spirit again took me down to the Missouri River next to Omaha, Nebraska where there was some prophets prophesied to north, south, east and west. And one of the Prophets said Omaha is where the east and west meets. Then another Prophet said look upon the coming days over the Earth. Evil days are coming, see an Angel of God came to take away the peace of man; look again another angel comes to bring peace to the saints. Only the prayers of the saints will save mankind. Another Prophet said look again and see another angel come to open the gates of fear upon the World. I saw many people run to and fro finding no rest only in the house of God. Then again I see another angel came to where the Prophets were and said the Lord will bring the fruits of worthy repentance. This will come to the earth through the opening up of those things, which have been kept back. And the Angel said come with me for I come with a key to open up world events that come upon mankind in order to turn them to God. Then I saw another angel fly by and a Prophet said look! The angels have come to remove God’s grace from mankind, for man’s skills are from God and without God, they will not prosper. And another Angel flew by and one of the Prophets said that the Angel would remove God’s protection of mankind. I saw then dark storms came upon mankind. And a Prophet said that the fruits worthy of repentance would come forth through those dark storms. And another Prophet said these dark storms are blessing to the saints. They will answer many of their prayers. Another Prophets said ‘can’t you hear the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and voice of the bride, the voice of those say; “praise the Lord of hosts, for the Lord is good, for his mercy endures forever?” This is the time of joy and gladness for the saints shall be blessed and shall be protected through all what are coming soon.

Then a Prophet said unto us, ‘look and see buildings without substance. These buildings are only for show but inside there are no substance and they are hollow and in coming days they will fall.’ And I saw gatekeepers among them pointing their fingers. Those who are building the buildings of substance and those gatekeepers will say very hurtful things and makeup stuff and try to look for bad stuff to those builders. But the Builders showed love and prayed for them all. Then one Prophet said don’t fear man or any of those gatekeepers but only show mercy, for when what is mature has come, that which is immature will be done away with. And the Prophets next to me began to scream like a war cry and they kept on letting out this war cry and many others followed them. They made the gatekeepers felt shameful and they were humbled by the war cry.

Then another Prophet said those buildings without substance will not stand and those camps will join the buildings with substance, for those buildings without substance will fail in the coming days.

Then I saw Territorial Apostles come along with many and their goals are city transformation and their leadership will be persevering. The Apostles are the gatekeepers of the city, not the pastors. Territorial Prophets are the watchmen of the city. Functional unity will come through apostolic unity from territorial apostles. Pastoral unity is dysfunctional unity. We need territorial commitment among all five-fold ministry.

Reformation is coming to the Church at large. This reformation is the judgment of God upon the Church and if Judgment comes to the Church, then it shall come to the world and there shall be the reformation that reforms the nations of the world.

Then again a Prophet said look again at those buildings without substance. Those buildings walk in one gift and not in the five-fold ministry and they don’t have the apostolic anointing but only pastoral anointing. A pastoral mindset is not an apostolic mindset. The Local Church will have to change to apostolic dimension in order to carry the coming glory.

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Another River Part Three

The Missouri River is representing a coming move of God that flows into many nations and that will last for many years and flows into other new moves of God. What God is doing is laying a foundation in the hearts of people to bring continuing and ever increasing movements of God. God is setting up a generational momentum that last for many generations to come. What God will do very soon a memorial and a landmark for what to come. And many will say it all began here. I will build monument to my power in this land.

One of the Prophets said look in the valleys of the World. What do you see? I said back to him, ‘ I see many dead men laying and falling to the ground.’ Then another Prophet said, ‘do you know who they are?’ I said no. They are your brothers and sisters of the faith that were killed by so many good Christians. These good Christians are in bed with Satan. They think they know the will of God but not. They hear not the voice of meekness but of pride and the accuser of our brethren. Then I saw a preacher comes along preaching and he sounds so good. Another Prophet said, ‘do you know who that preacher is?’ I said no. That preacher is Satan! Now listen to me, young man! I tell you the truth — the enemy is within the Body. Satan hides in many Churches today. You can find him wherever you hear a lot of bad stuff about others. Satan was the head of worship and Judas was one of the 12 apostles. If you want to be great in the Kingdom of God, you must forgive; you must be humble; you must be meek; and you must control your tongue; must not listen to the accuser of our brethren. Satan lives where the religious dwell.

Then another Prophet said look at those are dead. They were apostles and prophets to be. And look at those others they had a vision for their life and look at all those others. There are all labors that those good Christians pray that God gives them. They killed many gifts of God. Then great troubles come, they will not stand for killing the ones called to help them to go through those trouble times that are coming. They will pray and pray but God said I have already given what you ask but you did not revive them and not that but killed them. Now you must learn your lesson. And the Prophet said to me see, God is teacher and He will teach you one-way or the other.

As I look around the world and I saw so many dead bodies and I can smell the rotted bodies and I began to cry for them. Those around me were already crying. Our tears began to flow and they flow right into the river. Others that were around us who listen to what the Spirit said were too crying like us. And those who did not cry with us were asking to leave out of honor for the fallen brothers and sisters. As our tears began to mix with the river, something began to happen in the water!

And I saw that there were people lying at the bottom of river. And a Prophet said those were people who are being murdered by the good Christian. But they were next to the river, so they hide under the water and went to sleep. There are a lot of sleeping giants today waiting for the set times of the Lord. And I began to see some and few of those on the bottom began to rise upon the water and they could walk in this river but only a few could do this. They were carrying trumpets with them, and they began to blow then with such a clear sound that were heard throughout the World. And many of the dead Bodies began to live again at this sound in the earth.

Then another Prophet said look now and I saw many brides waiting for their heads, and I saw many who are conceived are waiting for their fathers, and I saw many Fathers waiting to give forth seed. I saw many babies crying unto their Fathers. I saw many children without a father. And the Prophet said, ‘where are the Apostles?’ And I saw again another Prophet said unto us, ‘where are the mothers of the faith?’ Apostolic Fathers and Apostolic Mothers, the season is now upon us where we must impart to your children.

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Another River Part Four

Down by the River near Omaha, Nebraska, the Prophets prophecy and see visions. One of the Prophets said look at the coming dark storms and look, for they are upon us. When will God’s people learn not to play games but to pray hard for the troubling days are ahead. Then I saw another Cloud — this is a cloud of Glory and I saw a canopy of glory covering the saints of the Most High for the Glory of the Lord shall be a covering to the saints. And where the Glory covers, the dark storms will not come near their dwelling but they pass them by. Then a Prophet said the Dark Storms are like the death angel that only by the Blood of the Lamb, that the Death Angel will not pass over you. Another Prophet said the dark storms are coming, there is no longer any time to get ready but we are to hide under the canopy of Glory. We must hide ourselves in Christ. Another Prophet said there will be many Christians that will not obey the command to come under the canopy of glory. For them the dark storms will be very hard to bear for the reason that they say why is this happening. But if they will repent of their wrong doings and turn to the Lord, God will have mercy. See God has no mercy on the hypocrites. Those who don’t hear the Holy Spirit; those who don’t love their brothers will go through the dark storms. Another Prophet said that God would not allow those Christians that will go through the dark storms to bear beyond what they can’t bear. The angels of the Lord will protect them. And the Christians will witness to the sinners and the world in the coming dark storms.

Then another Prophet said that great glory is coming and in the great glory, there will be great grace and great power. Then I look toward the west and I saw clouds of glory coming here. Then a Prophet said that this is the coming glory. This coming glory will be greater then the dark storms. And around the coming glory and in the coming glory are great lights greater then all darkness and greater than the dark storms. And I saw multitudes of angels flying around and in the coming glory.

Then the Prophets pointed their fingers at a cloud of glory and it was hovering over a place. And the Prophets said that this is a resting cloud. There are many clouds of Glory and this one is a resting cloud. This is a place where the glory of God rests on certain location.

Then I saw a building, and I saw many angels working around this building, for they are building this building. This building is being built with revelation. What is the name of this building? And the Angel said this place is called “Apostolic Resource Center.” This one is a pattern of many that will build around the world. This place is a place in which saints will draw upon and gather for support for the front lines. I saw labors from around the world come with stones for building of this building. Then I saw Jesus the Master Builder with blue prints. So I went up to talk to Him and He said it is a very good day. Things are moving as planned. Rest in the prophetic word. The great things of which you did not know you seek me. Now I will show you these things, which are upon you and they are at the very steps of your door. This is a building whose maker is God. No longer is there any time to get ready or prepare but now my people must enter in. Do you hear the sound in the land? It is the sound of the call to enter in. Be at peace with what I show you for I shall be with you throughout all the days of your life. You shall not fear of any harms coming to you for I will protect you always. Now to you and my people, it is time to get to work. Bring me those chosen stones and it is time for each one of them to be laid. There is a job of bringing chosen stones and there is a job of laying down the stones. And there are also many jobs in building this Center.

Then I had sweet communion with the Prophets and our Lord Jesus Christ and even the workers. After a while of fellowship, the eagles fly by, and one of prophets said those eagles make their rounds around the world. And one of the prophets said it is time to move forth. Then I turned back into an eagle and fly off to join the eagles in the sky.

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Another River Part Five

Fly in the sky with the Eagles! It’s a time to be with the Eagles; Fellowship with the Eagles; To have vision through the eyes of an Eagle; To flow by the wind of the Holy Spirit; To be wise as an Eagle; God is calling us to eagle Christians and to dominate the sky.

As we fly in the sky, my eyes could see a multitude of shepherds and Pastors. Shepherds have the Great Shepherd heart, for they shall feed the sheep with knowledge and understanding. God is calling forth places of dwelling for the shepherds that will cause the flocks to rest. I see an army of shepherds moving forth the heartbeat of the Father and the Great Shepherd. This is a new day for the pastoral ministry. The anointing that shall be among these pastors will be a Spirit of life, Spirit of Grace, Spirit of understanding, Spirit of faith, and the Spirit of love.

So many Pastors when come before God’s people, they come under a spirit of condemnation. This comes from their own battles and hurts in their hearts. They need a healing and they need to love the sheep. In order to love the sheep, you must rebirth of a burning love for God. You love has grown cold but now God set your hearts on fire. And you will have a burning passion for the Lord and new love for the flocks of God. And God will bless you and the Local Churches and God will give you provision through the kings in your Local Church. And your Local Churches will be filled with new flocks. Don’t forget you need to feed the sheep, feed the lambs, tend to the sheep and tend to the lambs. You are to love the Sheep and love the lambs. And follow the Great Shepherd! “ Be diligent to know the state of your flocks, and attend to the herds.” Proverbs 27:23

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