Two Rivers Prophecy Part One

Two Rivers Prophecy Part One by Elvis Iverson


Elvis Iverson

Pure River
Prophecy 11/21/02

I see a river like crystal flowing toward me. I have been looking for some time and watching this river as it fills and overflows the valleys and there is no place it will not touch. I see people who are building dams and sand bagging but soon they will be overcome. As I watch this river, it is not far away from us. I hear a voice from above and this voice shouts like a trumpet saying, ‘run to the river!’ Then I hear another word, there will be 60% of the people overtaking. There will be 30% that will try to stop by being against the river and will be overtaken. There will be 10% that will flow with the river and see marvelous wonders that have never been seen before. I see a great multitude arising from the flood of the River. This river will flood many for us as God love the whole world, so shall this river covers all. This great multitude will go forth and possess the nations and kingdoms for God has given them those lands. Yes they shall disciple the nations unto the Kingdom of God. I look into the river as I fly above the river as an eagle in the sky and I see as the river is flowing that there are many moves of the Spirit.

As I am flying above the earth looking down, I come to an eagle nest and I sit down with many eagles. And they say we are protecting the river that flows to all nations. We are called to eat the snakes and the beavers that are trying to build dams. I look around upon the great nest to see many kinds of eagles. I look into their eyes to see wisdom come forth to shine into hearts and minds of others. Then I look again and I see flying around the nest hawks and birds of prayer. I feel such great unity among them. Then I look down around the river and I see other things like beavers. And I hear a voice saying those are the ones who bring divisions and they serve the ground. And then he said those who fly serve the river. And the river has come to wash away the grounds to make good grounds of the hearts of men.

Then the Spirit blows upon my wings and I fly to the beginning of this river and I see the fountain where the river comes from this fountain. This is the foundation of this river. I see upon this river a vessel of grace and upon the vessel are intercessors, prophets and worshippers and then I saw Apostles will come to meet with them often. Then I look around and I saw angels and these angels have words on their chest, ‘stronghold’ and after each angel was a stronghold of grace, and each angel were called another stronghold.

Then the Spirit blows on my wings again I went down the river as the river flows and I saw other rivers branch off from the river making other rivers. And then the Spirit blows upon my wings and I was taken to the end of this river and I see an ocean that covers the whole earth. The name of this ocean is named, ‘glory of God,’ for the Glory of the Lord shall cover all, shall cover the whole earth.

Then I was taken to the high place above and upon a Great Mountain. This great mountain was a stone which was cut out without hands and become a great mountain and shall fill the whole earth. This stone was cut out from another mountain called mount Zion, for this mountain can’t be touched and it burned with fire and to blackness and darkness and tempest. And I hear another word “And if so much as breast touches the mountain, it shall be stoned or shot with an arrow.” Then I saw a company of Apostles come forth. They look very mature for their age but I know they are very young to carry such authority and power. Their hair was already silver and they are full of splendor and they still have strength. They have taken of their shoes and have already washed each other’s feet. Before their feet were washed, they had many hurts and bruises that come through warfare. I saw within their hearts fire and this fire consuming their hearts and every one around them. The fire is the love of God that burns in them day and night. And they spoke the heavenly voice and when I hear then I speak their voices which shook the earth and brought men and kings and all in authority to their knees and not only that they brought their faces toward the ground and they laid upon the ground as dead men. And they shake the nations of the world and brought the great powers down to the earth. Most of the time they were soft spoken but carry a big and long rod.

Then the Spirit blows upon my wings to take me above the river to see and I could feel the anger of God, and I hear another word from above “the Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in mercy. He will not always strive with us, nor will he keep his anger forever. He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor punished us according to our inequities.” Then I saw clouds formed above the river and lightning and thundering proceeded from the clouds and the sky was like the color of an awesome crystal that stretched over the river and the lands below. And I look upon and in the river and around the river by this time my eyes can see more. I saw divisions and factions and saw schisms. Then I saw men of God speaking opinions, culture norms, preferences, and feelings. Also then I saw men of God teaching and preaching interpretations and deductions. The Lord will judge those who try to pollute the river, and those that have poisoned my people. Do they not know they shall receive a stricter judgment. Then I hear a word, ‘I am also God of mercy and love these men of God. I cover them with my tears, for I purify them, I will purge them; I will place them in my refiners’ fire.’ Then I saw Lion-heart Apostles who were anointed to do polemic preaching but these Apostles were also seasoned with grace. Then I saw where they were polluted and poisoned and those men of God stood. The river removes itself from them and they dry up. And I hear another word. “ I heat dead works, the works of flesh shall not be partakers of this river.” Then I hear weeping intercessors crying day and night for some to turn from their evil ways. The interpretations shall be replaced with inspiration and the deductions shall be replaced with hidden manna. And the Word and the Spirit will agree.

Then the Spirit blows upon me again. I was again upon the great mountain. I again I look upon the faces of the Apostles who gathered there. I saw upon their heads ‘crowns.’ Then one spoke, ‘in the beginning we had no recognition and no affirmation and many of us had no spiritual fathers for no one want to father us.’ And I saw upon their faces tears of sadness. And another apostle said this was not the sorrow of the Lord but of the world. We forgive them. In our beginning we had no one to help us when we went from place to place to find rest but found none. We were rejected many times. But God help us and he father us and raise our churches and ministries up. We give all the glory to God. Then I hear these word, ‘pray that Lord forgive you who have done such evil, these were my gifts and my servants, pray for those who you hurt that you were to help to be healed. And bring many gifts unto those who you have added to their sufferings. And to my chosen servants I say, ‘forgive and move on to greater things. For the seed in you shall be born and become mighty in the earth. I the Lord will bring seven-fold restoration and sevenfold refreshing from the presence of the Lord and give you greater and double honor then all those before and around you. ‘ Then the place where we were standing filled with smoke and the glory of the Lord. Then I hear intercessors praying in this mist of the glory of the Lord. Then I saw Apostles lift up their hands and move the four winds of the earth. I saw kings and nobles and men of honor and power come to them and to the church. And the faces of the saints become radiant and their hearts swell with joy and I saw waves of wealth come to house of God.

Then the Spirit blows upon my wings again. I saw another river which begins from Minnesota and flows down toward the Gulf of Mexico. The name of this river was called, ‘Mississippi river.’ Revival will come to all the states around the Mississippi river. Then I saw an Angel who stand at the beginning of this river and speak these words, ‘let the glory of Lord fill the places where this river touches and let glory touch every place where this river flows into, even the Gulf of Mexico. And let the glory flows into all the waters where the Gulf touches. Then this angel flew toward me and landed and stood before me. Let the glory of the Lord rest here.

Copyright 2002 S.I.M.


Pure River Part Two
Prophesy 12/20/02

The Holy Spirit breathes upon me and carries me to the great mountain and a company of Apostles comes to have fellowship with me. I hear wisdom say, I am calling my apostolic networks to have unity and to see each other as friends. Sweet communion, the Holy Spirit is calling us to. Hear the Spirit say unto the Churches and its Leaders, “If you can gather as one, one in vision, one in worship, one in prayer, one in faith, you will move mightily upon the Earth”. Then I hear a voice from Heaven saying unto me, “ It is done. What you see here is the finish work that is in the near future.” Then again I hear a voice from Heaven. This time is in the “now” — the present truth and I saw with my eyes of my heart, a great door open unto me, an entrance will be supplied to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and Savior. Then I saw many on the earth that could not see this great door for they have not yet learned to see with the eyes of their heart. Then I heard intercessors praying and crying. Yes, God will restore the weeping anointing to this generation. And I saw many eyes have begun to open up in Churches. The more the eyes, the more we see in our Local Churches. The fewer eyes we have, the less we see. Let the fire of the Lord burn in these eyes to keep them pure. Then the voice in the present was a great thundering voice with thundering and shaking upon the earth and the heavens. Then I saw my shekels were loosed from my hands and feet and the yoke around my neck was broken and I was released into my appointed place in the earth. And I saw many ministers set free at once at the sound of the great voice from Heaven. Then I saw the appointed places for these ministers and I saw they were workers of lawlessness and deceitful workers for they have tried to take these appointed places away from the ministers of fire and glory. And with those appointed places, they laid hold of the saints and brought them into captivity. With them, they carry forth a shadow of death upon all the saints. This shallow of death was full of debts and sickness and lack, etc. And there were an image behind the deceitful workers and on this image had written, “The Church” and I hear wisdom say, “This is to mislead my people into things that are not of God.” And I saw many rivers. They had no spirit in them. I saw many clouds without rain. But at the appearances of the ministers, they were now flames of fire. For once the shekels were loosed, they had become flames of fire. And at their appearances, the deceitful workers run away from the terror of the Lord. I hear Wisdom say, “Then the terror of the Lord will fill the earth in a little while. And at the same time, when the deceitful workers were fleeing away, they destroyed the image and their works of labor through the years. And at once, great glory and rain and the continual mist of the Spirit filled the whole church and the ministers of fire and glory took their rightful places in the earth. And I hear Wisdom say unto us, “My church, you need to have the vision of the earth just as your Lord has, for God so loves this world!” Then I saw again the great door and I saw around the door and inside were these angels! The ones around the door were to guard and war off the enemies to make sure those who come can enter. And then the angels inside were to help in the new changes that will happen as soon as those who cross over between the door way.

Then the Holy Spirit blow upon me again. I have begun to fly, not like the last time when I became an eagle but I fly as a man. And as I fly in the sky, my eyes and my ears become very anointed. This anointing covers my whole body and the Holy Spirit began to blow more and flew faster and faster. And the Holy Spirit blow again and I flew faster and faster. Then I saw a great army arise from the Church called “the army of restoration” and they began to cover the earth and visited every state capital and heads of state. Then I saw weapons that were magnifying in size when the Lord picked them up to war with. I hear Wisdom again say, “These are the battles of the Lord.” And then I saw great hosts of angels going to war with the Saints. And I heard voices from the army crying, “Lord of Sabaoth, Lord of Host, God of War, hear our cries.” I hear Wisdom says, “the weapons are the gifts of God. God is making us into weapons of war.”<br>
Then the Holy Spirit blow upon me into Heaven itself and into the place of the Most High I went. And I saw a pure river flowing down to the earth. It was the river of life, clear as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb. It is not just the throne of God but also of the Lamb. Some see only the throne and some see only the Lamb but now has come the time to see both. I see the trees of life on either side of the river of life. Then I hear Wisdom says again, “What are these trees here?” And then the answer came to me, “Apostolic networks.” And Wisdom said unto me, “only those who have the Spirit can answer can answer the question.” The Holy Spirit is calling us unto wisdom and revelation! The trees are the Apostolic Networks that God has planted and the leaves are local churches and ministries and the fruits upon them are the gifted people. And the fruits are for the healing of the nations. Then I saw the river of life flow down upon the earth. It was the river glory healing the nations of the world.

Then the Holy Spirit came upon me again and I was upon the clouds in the sky and I saw Mega Churches come forth and these were becoming Apostolic Centers to the Earth. And I saw great numbers of people gather, not just Christians but those who were not Christians. God is not limited by the four walls, but He will be in the midst of those who gather in His name. He will rest upon these centers and these centers are outputs of glory and power to the saints.

Then the Holy Spirit came upon me again and I was in the midst of many cities. These are cities in the heart of America. Then I saw new Churches overnight rise across the heart of America. Then I saw many from many Nations gather; I saw many in many cities gather unto those Cities in the Heart of America.

Then the Holy Spirit came upon me again and I was in the midst of many Cities across the World. And I saw Local Churches and Ministries at the ground root levels connecting together and I saw City Apostles over the City Church and I saw the Glory fill the City at once. I saw major Cities across the World become a Church and the City itself was a one big Church. And God began to heal these Cities in a short period of time. Then I saw Nations of those Cities change overnight.

Then the Holy Spirit took me again to the Great Mountain and I saw many “Moses”es and around each Moses were companies that were holding up their arms and hands while Joshua’s and those with them fight in battles of the Lord. To each Moses, there was a company and many Joshua’s. Some had more and some had few. The “Moses”es and their companies are Apostolic Networks and the Joshua’s and those who went with them were Apostolic Mission mandates. And when the “Moses”es lift up their hands, the Joshua’s and their companies will win.

Then the Holy Spirit took me to a place upon this Great Mountain. I saw a tent of meetings and there were many camps around this tent and I heard the prayers of many going up to the Father. And I saw the whole place filled with incense and smoke. And I looked upon the camps around the tent of meetings as the Holy Spirit lifted me above them. And I saw angels walking to and fro in the camps around the tents. The Holy Spirit blow some camps away and the Holy Spirit will join some together and the Holy Spirit will make some lager and the Holy Spirit will make some smaller. And the Holy Spirit will raise some up and the Holy Spirit will bring some in. Then I went into the Tent of meetings and this place was like a warehouse filled with gifts. It looks like a mega shopping mall. And I hear Wisdom say again, “Come and buy for free, come and eat and drink for free. For Christ Jesus paid the price of all you see and much more and everything in earth and heaven.” Then I humble myself and I saw everyone there on his knees, “thanking Jesus.” And Jesus then was walking among them and touching those who were on their knees and say, “ release.” Then the Lord touches me and say, “go now and shop.” And I went to one aisle and I saw gifts that were nations and I was given a basket and I could see that many have baskets; some larger while some were smaller but no one care, for the baskets are the grace and faith and anointing each one has in Christ. There are many aisles in this Mall of glory: Aisles of Cities, People groups, Divine Projects, Neighborhoods, Comminutes, and much more.
And the Camps outside of those who were inside began to change. And those Camps became Cities on the great mountain. And each City on this Mountain was a House built by God. That made up one City. These Houses were mansions built by the Lord.

Copyright 2002 S.I.M.

Pure River Part Three
Prophesy 12/21/02

The Holy Spirit sat me down in the heart of America, the heart land of America, which is next to a mighty river, the pure river– the river of glory. He says, ‘drink of the river.’ and I hear these words, ‘ the Spirit and the bride say, “Come”! And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires let him take the water of life freely.’ And I saw multitudes come from many cities and from many nations, and they came and came, for I heard the sound of trumpet sounding often, calling them to come.

As everyone who came to drink of the water of life, the water in them acts as a fusion of atomic energy, and as they drink of the living water, they drink more. I saw many are drinking of this water of glory. Then I saw within each of them, they become a water of life to their nations where they are from. I saw each of them change overnight and keep on changing. The more they drink of this water, the more they change even more. Then their hearts began to turn to the needs of the people they began to hear their cries. Their hearts and eyes were filled with mercy. And I heard these words, ‘it’s time for mercy of the Lord to rest upon my people, for they are the Ark of my glory. If mercy is not on them first, I will not put glory in them.’ Then from Heaven it opens over the whole land, strongholds of darkness and men and religions fall to the ground and were broken away into dust. Angels of the Lord swept the dust away from this land. Then suddenly the glory of the Most High came down from Heaven. It was like a nuclear missile launched from God Himself and you could see that from many years in future this land would not be good for sin no longer. I saw many demons and powers of darkness packed up and moved on. These spirits never again found rest. And again I heard these words ‘My will is that my people give no rest or resting place to darkness.’ And at these words a praise and worship service began.

Furthermore, I saw a valley by the Spirit, a valley of bondage of every kind. I saw ministers going around preaching condemnation. God calls this ‘soulish preaching.’ They did not know what they were doing, for they themselves were in bondage. I saw great spiritual darkness cover this valley. Every time an anointed minister came along to minister life, the saints will complain and mummer. I then hear these words, ‘mummer is an evil spirit in connection to the spirit of divination.’ And every time they spoke not the words of hope and faith, spiritual darkness and spiritual blindness will fill the valley and themselves. But the Lord raises people among them. And I saw within groups were networking with other groups in giving cities. But first this unity was pastoral unity. Although they had done well, it had no breakthrough anointing. Then came the Apostles and along with them came Apostolic Unity. Some Apostles were welcomed but most were not, but they hold no forgiveness for they did not take any care of this action.

In addition, I saw another valley– this valley was of nations who brought sufferings to the Saints and God began to link those saints with saints in the heartland. God open doors to those in the suffering nations to come and drink of the river. And even the saints in the heartland would come up with plans to bring them here to be touched for a while. And I saw many ministers who are also led to move here from those nations that will open new churches and ministries and also join with other churches and ministries. Then they had an anointing that came through their years of sufferings. The saints that drank of the river welcome them. I saw many mission groups going to those nations from the heartland.

Besides, the Holy Spirit opens my eyes even more to the Native Americans in the heartland. And I saw those carry torches of fire to set the churches on fire going from land to land bringing down walls of divisions. And the heartland began turned toward them and the walls of division between us were no more. God began to heal their lands and their hearts by the river of glory. I then hear these words ‘If you don’t come to the river the river will come to you, for glory of the Lord will fill the earth.’

The Holy Spirit came upon me and I was riding the clouds in the sky. I looked down and saw the army of restoration going to war against the mountainous of man, and religion. Among the army came forth the ‘Grace shouters’. They were full of peace and faith. They even had the gift of faith. They walked as bold as lions for they were lions. I see them become lions before the enemies of the Lord. But they had lamb hearts. They were hidden until the appointed times. And the army stood fast as the ‘Grace shouters’ came forth. They were only few in numbers. The mountains laugh at them in they pride. And I hear these words ‘Pride can’t stand against the grace of God in your life”. And at once the ‘Grace shouters’ began to shout “GRACE, GRACE!” And the mountainous began to melt with fervent heat. And again they shouted “GRACE, GRACE!” And the mountains began to fall apart for they were no longer a rock.

The Holy Spirit came upon me again and I was in Omaha, Nebraska and the Holy Spirit began to speak to the City and to the People. And they began to change at once. I then saw many ‘kairos moments’ come to in Omaha and to Omaha and from Omaha. Then, the ‘kairos moments’ became multidimensional and they became atomic to everything and anything. God began to birth many works of the Spirit and they needed no protection in this city for this city was a refuge for the kairos works of the Spirit. Then I hear these words, “This is the city of the Apostles. I will gather the Churches unto an Antioch Age. Omaha shall be an altar unto me and the generations to come.

The Holy Spirit came upon me and was then upon a great mountain. And I hear these words, “What I will do in your life time and in this generation shall not just be to you but to generations blessings and a generational impartation. What I am doing is not just for this generation but also for the generations to come. What I am doing shall be for the generations, for it is a generational work that I am doing.

Copyright 2002 S.I.M.


Pure River Part Four
Prophesy 12/21/02

The pure river is flowing in me, in you and in the world. The Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw an angel that brought a horse unto me. The angel said it is no longer time to crawl, or walk, or run. But ride. This is the work of grace and not man. And I hear these words, “ It is done.” Then I obeyed the Angel and got upon the horse. The angel guided the horse into midst of the army of restoration. And I was at this time in the center of the army and I saw the hidden warriors waiting to their appointed time. I have seen the elite of the army also in the midst of the hidden warriors. This place in the center was covered by a cloud. And I hear these words, “Hide yourself in the glory when it comes for it comes very soon.” This army was strategical in such a way to protect its most important members.

The Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw a heart that was coming. This heart was a ruby. I say, ‘ what is this heart coming?’ I hear these words, ‘Be at peace and know that I have plans for you that before your time and I have already prepared them for you. This heart was a heart of destiny that has been given to each on of us, which give us our desires and wants.’

The Holy Spirit came upon me and a host of angels came around me and we rode off to the great mountain. When I got there, I saw many parties going on. I saw many drinking wine and eating hidden manna. I saw the glory of God upon their faces, and they came to me and said, ‘ join us, would you?’ And I did. The party was like never before. The Saints should know how to put on parties.

I then saw in a vision and I saw the Internet and I saw between the computers silvers and gold blames go to and forth. This was an anointing going to and forth. I saw angels in the cyberspace going to and forth. And suddenly the number of saints increases to great numbers so then everyone else had to favor their wants and needs. This brought an anointing upon those who make stuff who think stuff up and made then work more. This brought more blessings to the world and many had jobs. And I saw this began to happen in all areas and walks of life and the sinners were blessed by the deeds of the saints. Marketplace ministries and God began to minister in the marketplace and the saints began to take over everything. They began to move into the government and moved into Hollywood. And I hear these words, ‘This is just one of the fruits of the pure river’.

The Holy Spirit came upon me and I saw a City on the great mountain being built. This City is the Church, the house whose maker is God. And I saw in the City were many Mansions, and these were apostolic networks. And I saw parks and other centers. In this City were even Nations, Cities and People Groups. What you may say to this? These ones were the Church possess for the Kingdom of God. And in the center of this great City was where the river of life touched and flowed from there and flowed upon the Great Mountain down unto the earth. As the river flowed, it also flowed in the city, making the streets a river. And the saints could walk upon this river and each street was a change in the river. I hear these words, ‘I have began to build my master work of the Church. I will build a house like no other in history that man could never think of. I will build a house that no one could ever copy, and even then they will never think about doing such a thing. And my glory will rest upon this City; in my house and through this house, my glory shall come to all mankind. And whatever is not planted in this City that calls me Lord shall be burnt up in the coming fire.’ I saw the river turned into fire, and then I saw the river turned into wine. Then I saw the river turned into oil. Then I saw the river turned into wind. And the river kept on turning and never become stale.

Copyright 2002 S.I.M.


Pure River Part Five

The Holy Spirit has begun to say unto us in the heartland. The heartland is one of the centers for revival for the World and the Church. The heartland is one of the hearts of the Body of Christ. The Holy Spirit says unto us, ‘time to build, not to sleep.’ Those who sleep from their commission will be shaken. Those who are in the labor for the works of the Spirit and feel it is so hard and see no fruits, they should not give up. Your ministry is not one of man but of the Spirit. It’s time to build new ministries, new churches, and new centers. It’s time to prepare for those who will gather. Some of you have been called to have bed and breakfast in your homes for those who are coming; some of you are led to prepare a room for those who are coming. Some of you will own hotels and motels, and some of you will own apartments; some of you are called to own many houses for rent. With new moves coming, some will have businesses that will support those ministering in those moves; some of you will open stores and restaurants for those who will gather. Many new businesses. For the blessings of the Lord shall come in the midst of the flood of the Spirit shall many become rich and lasting wealth will my people have. Even the world will be blessed with my doings. For when I do something, it touches all areas.

I saw by the Spirit group of leaders in the heartland — Kairos movements. The first is already in place and the name of this group is beachhead, for it is the beachhead of the movement. The second are those who are still hidden that will come forth and those are the real leaders of these movements. And the third group of leaders are those who shall be risen up by the second group of leaders. Then the Holy Spirit said the second group of leaders are in our midst but are not recognized and move among us and are very hidden. These ministers are trying to come forth, but they have been kept back for a little while until now. Some of them are being called the self-appointed apostles, prophets, pastors, and so on. But God called them and he needs not to ask who shall be called! God calls the leaders of this group the Kairos Leaders.

The Holy Spirit says that in the heartland are the Kairos manifestations. Then in them, there are the Kairos ministries or administrations, and in them are the Kairos activities. God is saying that this river that is flowing even now is the Kairos Phenomenon.

The Holy Spirit says unto us that the harvests of the Kairos phenomenon shall be a great impact in the heartland and in America and in the World, even in the Body of Christ. I saw some of the harvests before the eyes of my heart. I saw harvests of leaders, harvests of the marketplaces, harvests of the youth, harvests of sinners. I saw great numbers gathering not just in one place. I saw many numbers of people come from many cities and many nations. I saw the heads of States also come. I hear these words, ‘The Spirit and Bride say COME!’<br>
The Holy Spirit says the pure river is the river of life; the river of life is the river of glory; the river of glory is the river of Kairos moments and in this pure river are multidimensional movements going on.

Copyright 2002 S.I.M.


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