Prophetic Book

Prophetic Book

Elvis Iverson

In this vision I was in a local bookstore, I could see that this one best book being sold out was this signs and wonders movie, which is now on paper in a book. I could also see the buying of Bibles. I was so happy to see many people buying Bibles. The reason they begun to buy many Bibles is that they have witness the power of God.

Outside of this bookstore in the parking lot, I could see many praying to know the Lord. I see believers out there witnesses about Jesus and His power. It seems that in everyplace there were believers out there giving witness of Christ and his power.

I could see local churches so big with the many souls that many begun to meet everywhere and in larger meeting places. I seem that even the big churches could no longer hold the souls being saved.

I then heard from a person in the stone telling how the teenagers were walking in signs and wonders too. There were so much youth on fire, and so much after school meetings of fire and power of the Holy Spirit.

I then run into a local businesswoman who said they have prayer meeting in the morning at her office. She tells about the goodness of the Lord and how the workers are so good at their work, for the reason that the Holy Spirit is visiting their office almost all the time.

Beyond this I see a person who is in pubic office. He began to say how the Holy Spirit leads him in the people’s work. He tells how the Holy Spirit shows him how to fix things in the nation.

Furthermore, as you hear these prophetic words that will soon be real to you all. You will ether believe or fear the power of God. This is not far in the future, this time is coming, and this time is not just a time instead a way of life.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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