The Dream of the Year of 2009

The Dream of the Year of 2009

Elvis Iverson
November 25, 2005

In this dream of the year of 2009, this is the dream of what is about to happen, what is already happening, what will happen between this time and that time, what will happen around that time, and what will happen after that time.

In this dream every part of this dream is a prophetic word of what is to come to pass in the near future, around the year 2006 and after that, and the future.

In this dream I see a tall building in New York City, meaning landmark movement, New York City meaning the whole world, and major cities and many nations and people groups.

In this dream I see in part of this building up in the front a government agency that is called to fight terrorists, this means the Kingdom of God. The terrorists are the demons spirits. The commission of this agency is Isaiah 54:14; in righteousness you shall be established; you shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; and from terror, for it shall not come near you. Then I see this super agent where the fire of God was sent down from Heaven into his life, giving him super powers, and he become strong, mighty, and a giant. This means the coming apostolic anointing, and the coming apostles of great power and great grace.

In the back part of this building was a church meeting there, meaning the body of Christ, the Church. There was a huge widow looking out upon New York City. Meaning there will be a four-year opportunity from the beginning of 2006 and ending in 2009. This will be a time favor for the church. Then I see through this widow the whole city of New York was burning with fire for some time. Meaning the world will be set on fire with the fire of God, and the major cities will be set on fire with the fire of God. In this dream of 2009 meaning what was happen in 2009 was already going on for some time before the year of 2009.

New York City means also, global impact, world outreach, and global ministry that will be giving to these super apostles. In this dream I see a dream of the fire of God first coming out from the sky upon the apostles, giving them the fire of God, and super powers, meaning supernatural powers in the Holy Spirit, then I see a dream after this one in the dream of the year 2009, the fire of God coming down from the sky upon the church.

In this dream the apostle lays his hands upon the church leaders imparting vision for revival, vision of the fire of God, and to be able to receive this coming fire of God. Then the Church Leaders will not fear with human fear of what is coming.

The Lord will connect the apostles in America with the mature Church Leaders of Africa. The Lord will arise up the Apostolic Church of Africa; the Lord will rise up apostles in Africa. The Church leaders of Africa will receive the vision of revival, the vision of the fire of God, and be able to receive the coming fire of God. All of Africa will burn with the fire of God!

All of the world will be set on fire with the fire of God. The fire of God will burn throughout the world. In major cities, in many nations and people groups.

The generations of the First Adam, meaning networks of demons, curses, familiar spirits, iniquities, bondages, soulish realms and sickness, etc. will be set on fire with the fire of God and burn up in the fire of God.

What will begin soon will come to fullness and fruitfulness within four years. What will begin in 2006 will become global, fruitfulness, and fullness by or around 2009.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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