Prophetic Movie

Prophetic Movie

Elvis Iverson

In this vision I am in a video renter store trying to rent some videos. I then see this movie now on video being rented by many who came into this store. There was more then a few who were seeing the movie the second or third time. Even if they seen it at the theater.

The owner of the video store decides it to play the signs and wonders Movie on the viewing T.V. there in the store. After a few minutes into the movie no one could move. The power of God was so great.

I could see a man of God being transported by the Spirit from nation to nation. This man would go to nations that had not much freedom of witness. He would do this more then once and many times. This was the way he got in and out of these nations. The Lord protected him. It seem that the Lord give him a grace, an anointing to transported by the Spirit at will.

Not only I see one man of God. I could see many, many, many flowing in this kind of anointing. They go to another nation or another city by the means of the Holy Spirit. They would heal the sick and do miracles.

I could see even the members in churches do the same. The power of God become easy for all to walk in. this was a new way of life for many. Christians were being taught not only the word about the power; instead they too were being witness to by the power.

I could see the gifts of the Spirit fly down from the Third Heaven these gifts had wings. Once the saints receive them, even if they receive one of them they too grow wings and fly off to that cities and nations.

Furthermore, the power of God become nature, the supernatural become natural to the believers everywhere. Life was fill of power and the supernatural of the Holy Spirit.

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