Go To Church

Go To Church

Elvis Iverson

The words go to church is not found in the Bible, they are not biblical, there are no Scripture grounds for these words, these words are man made and brought from the soulish realm or even from pagan religions. –(Rom. 12:1-2)

The Bible says we are the Temple of God, and the Holy Spirit dwells in those who have been reborn by the Holy Spirit. We are the church, we are the Temple of God, you are the church you are the Temple of God. –(1 Cor. 3:16-17)

The Holy Spirit dwells in the believer of Christ, and when two or three come together there is a greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit, for the Holy Spirit is in each one of us, and when we come together there is a greater manifestation. –(Matt. 18:20)

In the early church there was no temples or buildings, you should not call a building a church, for the church is the body of Christ, those who have been born again, born of the Spirit. In the early church they meet in homes, the church in the home, they came together to fellowship, and eat together, then share, sing, and pray for one another, there was no one man ministry, instead there was the one another ministry, and the pastor was giving to pastoral care and was a pastor among them, that leads with coordination and serves more as a coordinator, the pastor is there for pastoral care and to guard the continuity of community. –(1 Cor. 14:26)

However the pastor was not the senior elder, the pastor ministry was in the home, an apostle was the senior elder, that leads a team of apostles, prophets, and teachers, he or she lead them with vision and coordination. Apostles will minister in a center that supported the church in the home, the church in the home was first, and the center was second in priority. The center was the place for the ministry of the apostle, prophet and teacher. It was for fathering, mentoring, equipping and training. –(1 Cor. 12:28)

On the contrary, there are two meanings for the word church, first meaning is set apart, go out. This means we are call out, not a person, instead a people. This meaning does not mean building, the meaning is people, and the church is people. The next meaning is in fellowship with the Lord, again this does not mean we are in fellowship with the Lord through a building so called church, instead we are in fellowship through a community of the church in the Home, first we love the Lord, and then we love one another. –(1 Cor. 1:2,9)

However, there is only one church in a city that church is the city church, all believers born of the Spirit are members of both the City Church and the Church, and the city church is made up of congregations that meet in homes and are equipped in centers. Beilevers are to fellowship and build relationships with other believers in Christ that are not apart of their group, and although you are a part of the city church, we need to in a part of the city church community. If someone ask you what church do you belong, say you belong to the city church, for there is only one church in a city. –(Rev. 1-4)

You are the church when you gather in homes, for the church meeting is in homes, and you are the church when you minister in the workplace. The church is not the building, the people are, when you are born of the Spirit you are apart of the church, and when you join the community fellowship of the church in the home you fellowship with both the Lord and with one another, and when you are at work on Monday there is no division between the weekend or the weekday, you are still the Temple of the Lord. –(Eph. 6:5-9)

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