Revelation of New Wineskins for New Wines

Revelation of New Wineskins for New Wines

Elvis Iverson

There is only one church in each city, that church is called the City Church. There is only one church in each region called the regional church, there is only one church in each nation, called the national church, and there is only one church in the earth called the global church. –(Rev. 1:20)

The New Apostolic Church is a holy river of God filling the church, being led by modern day apostles and prophets leading the third reformation of the church. —(Heb. 9:10)

The New Apostolic City Church is the next growth of the city church; the new apostolic city church is a network of new apostolic congregations and congregations with a City Church Center, where there is 24/7 prayer, worship, prophetic, and the ministry of city church apostles, etc.—(Isa. 1:26)

The New Apostolic congregation is a network of home churches, with a center, the ministry of pastors are in the home churches, and the ministry of evangelists, but the home church is the ministry of the one another, and the center is the ministry of apostles, prophets, teachers. The Set elder is an apostle who leads the elders in vision and unity.

A New Apostolic congregation center is the place for fathering, mentoring, equipping, and the meeting and ministry of the elders. –(1 Cor. 12:28)

The Church in the home, is the ministry of one another, believers are to pray for one another, share with one another, minister to one another, care for one another, fellowship with one another, pastors are to keep the unity of the fellowship flowing and to minister in pastoral care. –(1 Cor. 14:26)

Pastors do not lead the congregation, pastors are not to minister at the apostolic congregation center, there ministry is in the home church, and among the home churches to minister pastoral care. Evangelists are to minister along with pastors and believers, and to minister between home churches and among home churches.

It is the apostle who is to lead the whole congregation, and lead the congregation center, He is the senior elder of the team of elders, and He leads with vision, unity, revelation, prayer, love, and grace. He is a team leader and a team follows. The elders are apostles, prophets, and teachers they lead the whole congregation and congregation center in unity and wisdom.

Apostles and their new apostolic congregation with establish and plant more congregations and train new spiritual leaders forming new apostolic networks, etc.

There will be horizontal networks the fellowship of apostles and other horizontal networks to bring together a working unity and working vision for the church

A New Apostolic congregation will train and equip believers and workplace ministers to establish the church in the workplace, to minister change. This will be the task of church apostles And workplace apostles.

New Apostolic Congregations will have a new Missions Plan which will be fathering and mentoring leaders from other nations coming to their training centers and congregation centers, and then sending them back and aiding them in building their congregations and networks in their own nations. Sending support and sending short-term mission teams to build, minister, strengthen; equip their congregations for missions and ministry of their own cities and nations.

Furthermore, the city church will increase and grow and mature to the next levels of city church growth, from the new apostolic city church to some day the mature city church, etc.

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