Aftermath of Ten Years

Aftermath of Ten Years

Elvis Iverson
August 13, 2012

I see the future ten years from now, I see meetings in many nations around the world, these meetings are reformation meetings. These meetings were more teaching and preaching meetings.

Now I see prophetic meetings these were meetings where all prophecy to one another, see visions, open visions, deep prophetic, and prophetic outpouring.

I see another meeting called prophetic roundtable meeting, these meetings were meeting where prophets spoke to one another and to the church. However these meetings were always in the same place and same time. There was room for other prophets to speak like open mic. Day.

I see drunken meetings in many nations around the world; these meetings were worship and supernatural drinking meetings.

I see revival meetings in certain places and the same places all the time, ministering revival, love and signs and wonders.

I see signs and wonders meetings in the same places all the time, huge numbers will come and be minister to and be bless.

I see Word Revelation and Prophetic Revelation meetings at same places always, meetings of apostles and prophets.

Now I see outpourings, and then I see within those outpourings more outpourings, and within those outpourings I see more outpourings of angelic hosts.

I see reformation come like fire in the next few years, flowing like wild fire to the church in many nations around the earth. I see these rivers of reformation fire flowing back and forth throughout the church.

I see massive numbers of churches all over the earth come to end, I see new breed of church come forth in great numbers, an apostolic church with a river of harvest grace to cities and nations all over the earth.

I see waves of the new apostolic wineskins come forth in many cities and in many nations, I see new apostolic wines pour out and overflow in many believers lives and church life, new apostolic wineskin life.

I see waves of harvesting of souls from many cities and many nations, and see with these waves, waves of many angels.

I see cities and regions cover with revival from nation to nation, and many nations. I see some cities with heavy revival, and some cities with radiant revival, and some cities with extreme revival. I see some nations cover with revival too, but I see revivals in many cities and many nations.

I see social reformation, social love revolution, marketplace revival, and social transformation in many cities and in many nations.

I hear a Voice saying every ten years there shall be increase of movements of God. What you see and hear is only the beginning, the will of God is for us to keep the blessings and mature the blessings and flow in the blessings and increase the blessings of God.

Copyright © 2012 Elvis Iverson All Rights Reserved

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