Signs and Wonders Movie

Signs and Wonders Movie

Elvis Iverson

This is a prophetic word. I called this a movie sense the world will witness this in the future. The coming days in the church will be a signs and wonders.

I see a world coming. A world of the supernatural of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus. I see a world of signs and wonders coming upon our future. However, is this our future or will it soon come to pass?

I see tears of intercession from Jesus coming down from heaven. Then once when these tears hit the ground they become apostles of power.

In addition, I then looked and I could see the northern lights. However, this was not the northern light this was the third heaven that I was seeing before my very eyes.

Moreover, I see stars with wings of eagles come down from the third heaven upon the hearts of men and women. Then these stars arose up in their hearts. This is the kingdom of God in you.

Beside, I see flying keys with angel wings coming down from the third heaven giving to those with the flying stars in there hearts. These are the keys of the kingdom.

Furthermore, this movie shall begin very soon. It is not far away. Soon this will be real. Soon this will happen.

Copyright © 2005 S.I.M. All Rights Reserved

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